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Socially Distant Christmas Work Socials


While it may be a little early for some to be thinking about the festive period, the social events teams at work have probably been racking their brains to try and find a way to get colleagues into the festive spirit, while remaining safe and following social distancing guidelines.

That’s why Cezanne HR has created a handy guide for those looking to connect with colleagues this Christmas. While many holiday plans will have been postponed or even cancelled this year, you can still bring everyone in the business together in a fun and creative way.

Should You Continue Work Socials During The Pandemic?

The simple answer is yes, as long as they can be done safely and following government guidance. Work social events aren’t just about having fun, they also boost morale, help with team building, and maintain those all-important colleague relationships that may be dwindling while so many of us are working from home.

By using modern technology and utilising video calling apps, businesses can still bring the whole team together, no matter how many employees they have, and have everyone take part in some festive celebrations.

For those who live alone or are self-isolating, this is imperative to their mental health to be able to interact with others in a less formal setting.

Below are just a few ideas you can try out this festive period with colleagues, all of which can be done with the use of video calling apps such as Zoom or Skype in the safety of everyone’s own homes.

Wine Tasting

Christmas is the perfect time for good quality wine, you can even make this more festive by trying out various brands of mulled wine.

This can be done in one of two ways, either hire a professional to present their knowledge and walk everyone through the various glasses or everyone can research a bottle themselves and show off their own knowledge in rounds.

Wine can be obtained by each employee by being given a budget and shopping for it themselves or by having it sent directly to their homes, whichever works best.

Now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy a great tipple and discover more about what you are drinking.

Escape Room

Escape rooms have always been popular for work socials, they encourage problem-solving and working together as a team to beat the clock and escape.

While it may seem like an impossible activity at the moment, providers were actually one of the first leisure activities to alter their providings and cater to a virtual audience.

Simply choose a provider, a quick Google search will bring up many and go from there. The best part about this is, it doesn’t matter about the location so you aren’t restricted to your local area.

Choose your time and date, these book up very quickly so make sure you do so in advance, then have everyone log on at the same time.

The host will talk you through all the rules and even provide hints if you are getting stuck along the way.

Team Dinner

Christmas time is all about food and everyone loves a good Christmas dinner. This can still be shared by gathering everyone around their computers at the same time.

Take-aways could be sent to employees’ homes at the same time or for some festive fun, everyone could share recipes for different elements of a traditional yuletide dinner and colleagues can have an attempt to make it themselves.  Don’t forget the crackers!

Cooking Classes

So maybe a team dinner was a great idea but there is always someone in the office who lives off microwave meals and recoil at the thought of cooking anything from scratch. Change those attitudes by booking a group cook class online.

Make sure you check everyone’s skill level first, you don’t want colleagues to feel out of their depth or others to feel bored with something too basic. Distribute a list of ingredients and any preparation to happen beforehand then log in for a class with a professional chef.

These meals can then be enjoyed together if you choose.

Pub Quiz

Always a firm favourite in every office, the pub quiz is a classic Christmas get together. You can either choose to stream a quiz from your favourite local, check their Facebook and Twitter for timings, or you can write a quiz yourself.

Different departments and teams can even be in charge of various rounds, giving everyone the chance to play quizmaster. Rounds based on the business itself, colleagues and Christmas always work well!

Don’t forget the prizes, treats for the winner and booby prizes for the loser is always fun.

We may not be having the Christmas we all wanted this year but by making small efforts to maintain normality, mental health can be increased, staff morale can expand and staff will feel valued.

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