Smart Tools Which Help Improve SEO Content Writing

The SEO industry is challenging but amazing. 

Because there are so many factors to take into account when it comes to SEO, using tools that can simplify the process is essential when dealing with some issues. 

It is no secret that many SEO tools on the internet can perform a wide range of tasks for various fees. 

You can find a list of the best SEO tools in this article, from content creation to overall SEO management. 

It can be challenging to determine which SEO tools are best for which types of SEO because there are so many free and paid types. 

The list of some of the most well-liked online SEO tools we have put together is comprehensive and is available below.

1. Ahrefs:

One of the most well-known SEO tools, Ahrefs, provides specialized and sophisticated features, such as tracking backlinks and keyword research, both of which are essential for the success of any website. 

Ahrefs offers a variety of user-friendly features that make it easy to find new keywords and assess your competitors’ websites, which is why some top businesses in the world use it for their SEO and marketing initiatives.

It gives you comprehensive information on backlinks, including the source and websites they link to. 

It enables you to focus your efforts where they will have the greatest impact on raising your website’s search engine rankings and generating more traffic.

Ahref provides the following SEO tools:

  • Main Dashboard 

Get a comprehensive overview of all your projects and track the progress and success of their SEO initiatives.

  • Content Explorer 

The content explorer will help you research fresh content ideas for your task.

  • Complete Site Audit 

Site Audit helps users check their site for SEO concerns automatically.

  • Site Explorer 

The site explorer helps users check their competitors’ keyword rankings and backlinks.

  • Smart Rank Tracker 

Watch how your rating changes on desktop and mobile.

  • Keywords Explorer 

Use the top market database to get beneficial keyword suggestions.

Amongst other things, Ahref helps users do the following:

  • Study your competitors
  • Observe your ranking progress
  • Assess and enhance your website
  • Decide the search phrases that your clients use
  • Profit from the most helpful content in your industry

2. Online

The online notepad is a simple and easy-to-use note-keeping tool that also serves as a great word-processing tool. 

You can keep your notes well-organized and accessible by using online notepad.

Since it is digital and can be used anywhere with an internet or data connection, making it is simple for you to bring them along when you are out and about. 

Also, to have a simple design, the free online notepad is more aesthetically pleasing than paper notebooks and costs nothing at all.

If you are concerned about the safety and security of your private data, the notepad gives you a built-in option to lock your notes with the password of your choice. 

Online notepad is the perfect tool for writers and users who want a simple word-processing tool with advanced text formatting features.


The cloud based free online notepad makes it easy to create, save, edit and delete notes. No login is required but you can sign up to make notes private. You can search and sort notes by title and date. The auto save feature will automatically save your note as you type. 


Word Counter is an uncomplicated and precise tool to count words, characters, sentences, pages, and in real-time, along with spelling and grammar checking. 

Once your text has been analyzed, you can easily see how many characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs are contained in your writing. 

You can quickly see some crucial readability indicators, including word count and reading level.

By doing this, you will always stay within the allowed word count for any post, comment essay, blog, description, etc., and you will learn how to make your content as effective as possible within the constraints. 

There are many reasons to have a clever and practical word counter. 

The free online word counters can be used by writers, bloggers, students, educators, and the larger online community to accomplish their individual objectives.

The word counter tool offers the following features:

  • Multiple Text Cases
  • Word Density Feature 
  • All Characters
  • Different Fonts 
  • Pages Count 
  • Number of Words
  • Different Text Sizes
  • Number of Sentences
  • No. of Character Without Spaces


This paragraph rephraser is a smart AI tool that paraphrases textual content and revises it to change it from its original form.

This gives it a better tone, and look, adds quality, and makes it completely plagiarism-free. 

This free online paraphrasing tool is a great way to give your blog posts more depth, add value, and make them free from any plagiarism. 

They allow you to take the content of a previous/old article and turn it into a new one with the same benefits as the original so that you can reuse old copies, scripts, sales emails, and other content.

Not only is this tool completely free, but it requires no registration and sign-ups, it has a strict privacy policy, and it is very easy and simple to use. 

You can use paraphrasing tools for all sorts of purposes, including:

  • Completely Prevents Plagiarism.
  • Helps create refined content from old content.
  • Helps create and generate quality content for other blogs or sites.
  • Adds greater value to your own blog posts by rewriting them in a refined way.

6. Google Search Console

You can see what Google thinks of your website’s search results and how it ranks for particular keywords or phrases by using the free Google Search Console tool.

This data can help you raise your positions in organic search results.

You can keep an eye on, manage, and enhance the visibility of your website in Google Search results using the free Google Search Console tool.

You do not need to sign up for Search Console for your website to appear in Google search results, though doing so might help you better understand and optimize how Google recognizes your website.

The following actions are supported by the tools and reports from Search Console:

  • List the web pages that have a direct link to your website.
  • You can use it to ensure that Google can find and crawl your website.
  • Fix indexing problems and request that newly added or updated data be reindexed.
  • Check out the AMP issues, the smartphone usability issues, and the additional Search options.
  • Receive alerts whenever Google encounters issues with your site’s indexing, spam, or other SEO-related elements.
  • View information about the number of times your website is brought up in Google Search, the search terms that bring it up, the number of times people click through to your site from those results, and other statistics.


It can take a long time before you achieve the perfect results that you desire when dealing with SEO. 

We have put together a list of tools that can help you with SEO to make things simpler and more tolerable. 

The SEO tools mentioned in the article are listed in the following overview.

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Online Notepad
  3. Word-Counter
  4. Rephraser
  5. Google Search Console

You can create content and use these tools to aid with general SEO.

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