Smart tips to make your joyride the most comfortable

Car travel is a lot of fun, but it can be tiring as well. Here are a few simple tips to improve your driving experience.

The LED strip lights

These lights are a great choice for the interior of your car. They are very easy to install and give a great light output, which brightens up the interiors and make your ride much more comfortable and enjoyable. There are many different colours of LED strip lights to choose from, so you can even design your own combinations.

The floor mats

This will keep the interior nice and clean but also give it that personal touch. You can choose from various materials and designs, but if you want something unique, you can simply get some custom floor mats made for your car. The floor mats also help in keeping the original carpets of the car in good shape for longer.


Dashcams are becoming increasingly popular these days to ensure safety on the road. However, not only can they protect you from any accidents on the road, but they also provide entertainment for long journeys. Nowadays, there are dash cams with HD cameras so that you can record all those wonderful memories from your holiday adventures.

The rear-seat entertainment system

To keep your backseat passengers engaged during long drives, an entertainment system is a great idea. A rear-seat entertainment system comprises of a screen, speakers and an audio-visual source such as a USB drive or an SD card to play files from. The screen can be mounted on the front headrest area for accessibility, and the speakers are usually placed near the headrests near the second-row seats. You can attach additional headphones to ensure that no one gets disturbed by loud music during their nap!

Diffuse essential oil fragrance into the air

Essential oil diffusers can be useful for controlling odours in the car, whether from pets or from food. Just add several drops of essential oil to a cotton ball and stick it between your console vents. If you’re using a diffuser with water, only use distilled water because tap water can leave mineral residue on your vent slats.

Adjust the steering wheel and mirrors

To avoid leaning forward or stretching, adjust both the steering wheel and the side mirrors so that you can see clearly ahead of you without tilting your head forward or turning it to one side. Many cars also have rearview mirrors that can be adjusted electronically from the driver’s seat; use them to reduce blind spots.

Make sure your air filters are clean

A dirty air filter can cause allergies to flare up, which will make it difficult to enjoy yourself on the road. You should also make sure that the cabin air filters are clean; these filters help prevent dust and other allergens from blowing around inside of your vehicle when you turn on the air-conditioning or heat.

Check your car before you go on a trip

When planning to travel by car, it is very important to check your vehicle and see if everything is in order. Contact One Stop Suzi Shop, which will help you be safe and secure on the road. A detailed inspection of the vehicle is necessary because otherwise, your vacation can turn into a nightmare!

Set up for comfort

-Seat height: A good rule of thumb is that the top of your field of vision should clear the top of the steering wheel (when sitting in the upright position). This will help you keep your head in a more neutral position and reduce fatigue.

  • Seat depth: Make sure your back is fully supported by the seatback when it’s tilted slightly forward by adjusting the distance from the front edge of the seat to your lower back.
  • Lumbar support: Your lumbar support should provide enough pressure to support the curve in your lower spine. It should also be adjustable so you can change its position as needed. If your vehicle doesn’t have built-in lumbar support, try placing a rolled-up towel behind your lower back.
  • Head restraint: The top of your head restraint should be level with or just above the top of your ears. It should also be close in proximity to the back of your head without touching it, because that helps keep your neck from bending and causing strain.

Smart Seat Cushion

Smart seat cushions are designed to take the pressure off your lower back. They automatically adjust to provide support as you move around.

A smart seat cushion is a good option for those who have to sit for long hours at a stretch. It reduces stress on the lower back and helps improve posture by providing support to the lumbar area of your spine. It also lets you maintain a natural spine curvature, thus reducing pressure on your vertebrae discs.

The best thing about these cushions is that they are equipped with sensors that give gentle vibrations when you start slouching. They also come with a remote control that allows you to adjust its settings according to your needs.

Enjoy the ride!

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