Simple Guide To Understanding SEO Better

There’s no question that there are many good reasons to use a simple guide to understanding search engine optimization (SEO). There are many people who have started building their businesses on a budget. With that, they need to know more about how they can improve their bottom line. The key to making money on the Internet is making sure your site is not only appealing but also has the best chance of getting the kind of search engine rankings that you want. 

There are many things that people don’t realize about the way search engines rank sites. This article provides a simple guide to better understand SEO. 

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing process that involves using relevant keywords, building links, and creating appealing, useful, fast, and intuitive website to help you rank in search engines, allowing you to have more traffic and sales. 

Understanding SEO is crucial to help you attain your website and business goals.

Optimize Your Website For The Right Keywords

There are essential things that search engines look at when evaluating your site. First of all, you have to ask if your site optimized for the right keywords? 

The most important part of search engine ranking is how well your site is optimized for the terms or phrases that you’re using on the site. This will determine how many people can find you based on the type of searches that are done.

Here’s how to optimize your website for the right keywords:

  • Use A Keyword Generator: To identify the commonly searched words or phrases that are aligned with your niche or products and services, use an SEO keyword research tool.
  • Split Testing: Create two versions of an article and then find the best set of keywords by checking the article with the higher traffic or number of visits.
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Optimize Your Website For Image Search

It’s imperative to optimize your website for image search because 10% of Google visitors go to the website’s image search page. Thus, by optimizing your images, you become more competitive and get an edge over your business niche or industry.

With SEO for images, you’re helping search engines recognize your website and content better. Plus, you’ll get more exposure in search engine images’ search results, which can be very valuable for creating interest in your offerings and products.

Here are some tips on how to effectively optimize your website for image search:

  • Make Sure To Use Unique Images: If you use images of text, search engines will read that as text links, too, even if they appear as images. This means that if you use the same images, search engines might think that your website is full of duplicate content. 

Thus, it’s important to ensure that the images are unique to your own website and that the content is original.

  • Check The Code: Images that are not properly optimized may also make your website seem less professional, so be sure to check the code of your web pages to make sure that your images will look great in all browsers. 
  • Test Images Before Publishing: If you’re planning on using many images on your website, make sure to test them all before actually publishing the website so that you won’t encounter any problems.
  • Using Related Keywords: Optimize your image for SEO by using keywords related to the product or service you have. Images that contain keywords will be optimized more easily than images that don’t. This is because search engine spiders read the keyword when they visit your website, and the keywords will show up in the images, too.
  • Use Proper Formats: You can also optimize your website for SEO by using images that have the proper formats. For example, if you’re using a large image, such as a picture of a dog or a picture of a large building, then it’s best to upload these in JPEG format. Also, avoid uploading them as GIFs as these aren’t as widely used.

Create Great and Updated Web Content For SEO And Your Audience

The content on your site should be fresh. There’s no point in going on a website and adding links that have been sitting around for months. If your site has not been updated for months, search engines will quickly find out that you’re not an active participant in the Internet marketing community. 

When you’re trying to understand how to apply a simple guide to understanding SEO better, you’ll quickly find out that you can get more traffic by focusing on the quality of the content on your site and the keywords that you use. If you don’t have the right keyword choice for the content, then you’re unlikely to get much traffic.  


Search engines read each web page depending on the content you publish. You can optimize your website by including relevant keywords and links to increase your brand awareness, site traffic, and sales. 

Also, by using the right keywords in your image, you’ll help search engines know exactly what you’re offering.

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