Simple and Effective Tips to Improve Laptop Battery Life

The Battery powered gadget owner always have one question in their mind. How to improve the battery life of the devices? Nowadays, asking for the solutions to improve battery life of the smartphones and the laptop are the most common questions asked on the forums. Also, many people keep asking me these questions in person, if not in forums.

In this post, I am going to share some surefire tips to increase the laptop battery life in no time. The ways to improve the laptop battery backup are thoroughly tested and proven to increase the performance of your notebook battery and make it last long.

Best Methods to Increase the Laptop Battery Life

#1) Adjust Screen Brightness

Adjusting the screen brightness of your laptop is the most efficient way of increasing the battery performance of the laptop. You should adjust the laptop screen brightness according to your comfort level and according to the external lighting conditions.

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If you are in the dark room or a room with minimum lighting conditions, then dimming the laptop screen brightness is going to increase the battery life. There are chances that you might be needing full-screen brightness when you are in the outdoor conditions. At that time, you should not keep the screen brightness to the fullest. Maintaining the brightness to the minimum possible level is highly advised.

#2) Disable Bluetooth and WiFi 

Well, the communication hardware, like the Bluetooth and WiFi Adapters draw power from your laptop battery. The amount is not significant, but it does make your laptop battery drain faster than the standard. That’s why you should disable the WiFi and Bluetooth adapters when not in use.

While you are gaming offline, you can turn off the Bluetooth and the WiFi. While in the flight, you can turn off the Bluetooth and WiFi, unless you want to use the in-flight WiFi. The Days are gone when we used to use the Bluetooth for file transfer. SO, keeping Bluetooth OFF is the best thing, unless you are going to use the Bluetooth keyboard/mouse with the laptop.

#3) Keep it Cool

The Heat is the enemy of any hardware component, be it the processor or the battery of the laptop. The high temperature damages your laptop parts slowly, thus decreasing the performance of your notebook. The battery of the laptop is no exception for damage by heating. Keeping your laptop cool by various means is highly advised. You can hold it on the flat surfaces, or you can keep it in the cold room, or even you can use the external laptop cooler.

To monitor the battery temperature, you should install manufacturer special laptop health tool, which shows the health of every laptop component and their temperature and other stats.

#4) Avoid Discharge / Overcharge

The Battery performance is supposed to decrease with wear-and-tear. But, that doesn’t mean that you should increase the rate of wear-and-tear by fully discharging the laptop battery.

The laptop battery can damage if you are fully discharging it and then fully recharging it. Doing that will decrease the laptop battery performance drastically.

Also, you should not overcharge the battery. Overcharging the battery may also damage the battery of the laptop. Keeping the laptop plugged in overnight even after laptop battery is fully charged is not recommended at all. In worse case scenario, the battery may explode due to overcharge.

#5) End Unnecessary Background Tasks

The Background processes eat very much power of the laptop. And that might be the reason you are facing the rapid battery discharge problems. Well, when not using any particular application, you should kill/end that task to save battery.

Most of the time, the software you closed are still running in the background, eating your battery power. The most common example is the Google’s Chrome browser, which keeps running in the background even after you close it. Also, the torrent application is alive in the background every time you start the computer.

#6) Hibernate, Instead of Sleep Mode

There are two interesting modes in the laptops. First one if the Hibernation and second is the sleep mode. When you close the laptop lid, then your laptop goes into the Sleep mode. In sleep mode, the laptop saves your current session into the RAM and then keeps the RAM alive. When you open the laptop that is in sleep mode, you’ll be able to boot in the session you were earlier working on quickly.

As the laptop is powering RAM to wake up anytime, it’ll continue to eat power from your notebook. Not a significant amount, but you’ll still lose power and decrease the laptop battery performance over time.

But in Hibernation mode, the laptop will save your current session in the RAM and then turn OFF. And when you Turn it ON again, the current session will load from RAM after hot boot. As the laptop is completely switched OFF in the Hibernation, it doesn’t eat power at all, saving your laptop battery power.

7) Replace Old Battery

If your laptop is older than three years, then you should check out the battery health status. Most of the times, the Wear-and-Tear makes your laptop battery to die suddenly. If the battery health is in worse condition, then all of the above tips will not work. All you’ve to do is to replace the laptop battery to get better performance.

You can find appropriate cell model on the online website, or you can check out offline retail stores for appropriate battery models. Make sure you replace the battery when the health of the battery is worse. Using the battery that is in worst condition doesn’t give you any benefits, but in worst-case scenarios, it’ll explode, and it’s worse than anything.

Final Words

The Laptop runs on the battery, and there is no sense using it by connecting to the power outlet all the time. The laptop is meant to be the portable computer, not the desktop. So, taking care of your laptop battery increases the laptop standby time and also helps you to do your work on-the-go. We’ve tried all these tips to improve the laptop battery life and the performance, and they work like a charm.

If you are facing serious laptop battery issues, then you should surely try these tips to increase the laptop battery life.

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