SEO Trends to look for in 2022

Each coming year, new technologies and methods appear, encompassing SEO. Search engine optimization evolves as search engines update, new methods and solutions for site rankings appear. If you ignore the latest trends, your business can experience a downfall in sales, which will not contribute to business growth at all. It is important to know the trends to look for and how to get a positive result when it eventually comes through, here are some SEO trends to look for in 2022; 

Artificial Intelligence Will Play a Bigger Role in SEO

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how people connect and interact with online content. Google’s AI algorithm is particularly worth noticing from this time. It will greatly impact SEO in 2022. By the way, to optimize your Portland business website for leads, get Sprout Portland SEO.

 Mobile-Friendliness Will Greatly Impact Search Rankings

In 2019, Google rolled out mobile-first indexing, implying the search engine looks primarily at the mobile version of a website, deeming this the “primary” version rather than of the desktop version. This change is totally understandable, given that nearly 74% of internet users will access the internet solely via mobile devices by 2025. Survey how effective your mobile site is with Google’s free mobile-friendly test and be sure to use an SEO consultant that is well versed in optimizing for mobile.

Voice  Search Will Impact Search Queries

Thanks to innovations like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, voice search technology has really advanced. As technology has gotten better, it has also gotten more popular. The percentage of households predicted to own a smart speaker by 2022 is 55%.

Content That Attains the Google EAT Principle Will Rank Higher

Google has repeated that content quality is crucial for ranking accomplishment. But what does “quality” mean to Google? Imply to the EAT principle: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These components help deduce if a website landing page has valuable quality content on it. This principle is particularly applicable in business niches that fall under the “your money, your life” (YMYL) label, such as finance and health care.

Long-Form Content Will Help Improve SERPs

According to our State of Content Marketing Report, long reads of 3,000-plus words get three times more traffic and four times more shares. They also achieve 3.5 times more backlinks than articles of the average length of 901 to 1,200 words. Start focusing on long-form content to achieve higher search rankings. That said, your content must maintain quality. The aim is to provide users with shareable information that keeps them engaged.

Featured Snippets Will Become More Prominent

You won’t have to develop long-term content entirely. if you want to climb the Google rankings. Featured snippets, which were rolled out in 2017, are a sort of shortcut to gaining prominence in Google and they’re very brief. Sometimes, when you type something into Google, you may notice a box at the top of the SERPs, above the actual results. That’s a snippet.

 Image Optimization

Visual image search has advanced considerably. People will be able to use photos to buy goods, get facts, and more in the future. Since Google has long concentrated on adequate image labeling and optimization, it’s reasonable why this is part of their long-term trend.

 More Apparent Long-Form Content

According to a research study long reads of 3,000 words or more receive three times the traffic and four times the shares. They also get 3.5 times as many backlinks as posts that are 900 to 1,300 words in length. So there will be more lengthy content.

In conclusion, you need to stay updated in the new SEO trends so your business can keep on advancing and generating more sales.

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