Senior Assisted Living: Top 8 Checklist You Should Consider

Assisted living is an important service that benefits older adults across the world. But then, the decision to move your kin to assisted living cannot be an easy one. It can be tricky to tell whether it is the best option for you or if they’ll get proper care and attention at the facility.

However, moving your senior kin to an assisted living facility isn’t a bad idea. All you need to do is ensure that the facility they’re moving to can offer high-quality services. This article will look into the various factors to consider and questions to ask when choosing an assisted living facility.

Here’s what you should keep in mind or ask.

1. Where’s the Facility Located?

Location is a matter of immense importance when choosing an assisted living facility. An ideal pick should be a facility that’s not far from home. Seniors have various complications; moving them far from home where they need hours of traveling isn’t a good idea.

The best you should do is find a facility within your neighborhood. That will make it easier for them to get there. Also, it will make visiting them stress-free and as often as possible. In addition, it will be easier for you to respond in case there’s an emergency at the facility.

2. What are the Care Services Offered?

It would be best if you were sure that your kin would get good services at the facility. The easiest way to know if they’ll get the desired services is by asking the facility what’s on offer. Ask to see the list of services they offer. Do an audit for as many facilities as possible before you pick one.

You can create a list of skilled nursing facilities. From there, you can start choosing the best from the list with various factors in mind. For instance, check if they have an experienced team that helps them tackle various medical conditions and diseases within the facility.

3. Any Medical Assistance Offered?

Medical emergencies happen too often with seniors. This makes choosing a facility that has good emergency response units vital. All kinds of facilities need to offer medical services. This also includes senior independent living communities as emergencies happen anywhere.

Also, choose a facility that offers round-the-clock medical services. It needs to have staff working in shifts throughout the day. This way, you’ll be sure that your kin will get attended to at any time. Thankfully, finding such facilities is easier today with online directories available.

4. How Experienced are the Staff?

Experience is a factor that shouldn’t miss on your checklist. It determines the quality of services that you can expect at a facility. Thus, it helps to check the experience levels of the staff hired by the facility. Most reputable facilities won’t have a problem with you asking to check their staff.

They’ll allow you to see how they are trained and qualified. Also, you can get access to their licenses. This will make it easier to know the overall expertise and experience of the facility. In the end, you’ll be able to provide your seniors with the best care in their golden years.

5. Does the Facility Offer Transportation?

Selecting an assisted living facility that offers transportation can be a good idea. You do not want your kin kept in the same environment all year long. They need some time out to refresh and enjoy new environments while getting the care they deserve.

Most facilities have a transportation department. You can visit those in charge of it and ask what they offer and how often they take seniors out. Also, you can check if their vehicles are designed specially to cater to their needs. They should offer seniors the comfort they require while traveling.

6. How Safe Is It?

Many people forget to check the security of a facility. This is especially when they have a small budget to work with. Never overlook security even when looking for affordable senior housing. It is vital to check the various measures put by the facility to ensure everyone’s safe on-campus.

For instance, there should be security guards right at the main entrance. This means intruders won’t get their way into the facility. Also, check if there are security cameras installed. Any facility that has put security at the forefront is worth considering.

7. What Are The Visiting Days and Hours?

Seniors miss home and everyone they left there. They even feel homesick for the first few days or weeks before adapting to their new environment. Visiting them regularly can make it easier for them to adapt. That’s why it’s essential to ensure you don’t move them far away from home.

Now before admitting them, check the facility’s visiting hours. Also, ask the number of visitors allowed at a time. Senior independent living, memory care facilities, and similar housing services, limit the number of visitors, especially now that the pandemic is still there.

8. Do They Offer Housekeeping Services?

Ensure that you select a facility that offers housekeeping services. Seniors need a clean and healthy environment, but they cannot clean it. This is why the facility must offer housekeeping services to ensure they are comfortable and free from diseases.

Find out the kind of housekeeping services that the facility offers. Also, check how often they offer these services and to what extent. Another important factor to consider is the charges. Ask if they include these charges in the total cost or they have extra charges for housekeeping.

Choose The Best Senior Assisted Living Facility

It would help if you kept in mind those factors when choosing an assisted living facility. As said before, many people overlook important factors when on a budget. For instance, if you are looking for low-income senior housing, start by looking at what the facility can offer.

This will make it easier to find quality services within your budget. All the factors in this article should feature on your checklist. Otherwise, choosing the best senior independent living, memory care, in-home care, hospice, or any other facility won’t be a straightforward task.

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