Safe Summer Road Trip Checklist

Summer road trips are some of the most exciting things you can do in your lifetime no matter how old you are. And right now, taking your personal vehicle is the safest way to travel due to the pandemic, so it’s a win-win situation.

Many of us relax fully while enjoying the wind in our hair and singing to our favorite songs on the car radio, but you must remember to put safety first at all times. To ensure your road trip is as safe as possible, here’s a little safety checklist that you need to go through before you hit the road this summer.

Pack well

Let’s start with packing. Depending on where you’re going and how long you’re staying, you need to pack an outfit a day, together with some cold-weather clothing for late-night stops between destinations. And don’t forget to pack sunglasses to minimize glare which is a cause of many collisions. If you have space in your car, make sure to bring a cooler with drinks and snacks (continue reading for more info). You might think it’s better to stop at gas stations and grab snacks and drinks, but this will not only boost your expenses but also increase the chance of COVID-19 exposure. While we’re on the subject of COVID, bring extra masks, hand sanitizer and wet wipes so you can make safe stops even in urban environments.

Bring tools

No matter if you’re staying on the paved road or getting off the beaten track, you might need to wait a lot until help arrives. But, with the right tools in your trunk, you can get back on the road without too much trouble. Make sure to pack a few basic tools such as tire patch, air pump and battery charger. Having some replacement parts is also useful if you expect to be far away from mechanics (pack things like hose clamps and drive belts). If you have internet access, you can find amazing YouTube videos explaining how to employ them in case you need to use these tools and parts. With some flares, a flashlight and first-aid kit, you will stay safe in any emergency.

Improve your car

Your car will be your best friend on the road, so make sure it’s working properly and providing you with the best comfort. Ensure your headlights are working properly and you have access to working AC (summers in a car can be brutal). For some speedy fun on the road, you can look into performance parts for race motors and give your engine some extra power. These upgrades will make your car purr and make your driving experience much more enjoyable. 

Prepare food and drinks

You will need to make a conscious effort to stop and eat on the road. Since restaurants are focusing more on drive-through services right now, you might be tempted to eat behind the wheel, but eating is a great distraction. Also, a dehydrated brain and an empty stomach can make you a distracted and aggressive driver, so have plenty of snack and drinks with you at all times.

Provide kids with boosters

If you’re traveling with kids, make sure to provide them with appropriate booster seats. These make sure seat belts are placed properly and sitting comfortably over the shoulder and chest. Plus, they offer extra protection in case of an accident. Shorter kids can also enjoy some extra height to look out the window which can prevent car sickness and boredom.

Remove distractions

Of course, you should never mess with your cellphone during driving. The best thing you can do is feel rested and hydrated, driving with moderate music and sunglasses for glare. If you’re particular about what you’re listening to, set a playlist in advance or leave DJing to the passengers. It’s also important to have relatively quiet passengers aware of the effects of distracted driving.

Check in advance

Driving during the pandemic can be tricky and you might run into temporary closures. To avoid unnecessary stress, book accommodation in advance and confirm reservations. Another thing you can do is regularly check your destination’s coronavirus-related news and pay attention to restrictions. Some places require visitors to have proof of a negative test or proof of quarantine, so be prepared.

Your summer road trip will satisfy your need to travel, especially if you prepare properly and ensure perfect safety. Use these tips to keep everyone healthy, safe and entertained as you cruise.

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