How to retrieve and recover data from a formatted PC – My experience

OK, You are here because you may have Formatted your PC or you may have reinstalled window (Any version) or you by mistake deleted an important file or you just want to get knowledge about how you can recover your data in any such situations.

Minitool power data recovery

Let me make it clear to you that what I am going to tell you is not the thing which I learned manually, but rather it’s my personal experience. I have Formatted my laptop for some reason I recovered almost all the files. Believe me, I recovered Large files such as games zip file of 10GB (Resident Evil 6 and 5 games in a zip file) and small files such as “my resume” in PDF and word excel files.

So if you formatted your Computer/drive just now or you have installed window from recovery, Let’s see what to do? What I am going to tell you is my experience with my laptop which I formatted a month ago. So I am going to tell you about a simple and easy interfaced software which helped me to recover all my Hard drives easily with few clicks.

This software is will help you recover hard drive, pen drives, and your whole computer data. Infact this software can also recover your CD/DVD drives. Which means this software is must use software for your computer system.

The name of this software is “MINITOOL POWER DATA RECOVERY”. The features of this software are as follows:

Choosing module to recover

How to retrieve deleted files

If you deleted anything by mistake and hadn’t overwritten a large data on that drive then this option is very useful. this at once loads the freshly deleted files from that drive and show you the options to recover it.

Damaged and Lost Partition Recovery

It can recover almost all the data if you have formatted your drive and PC. It can also Recover the damaged partition of the hard drive. Means if your drive has gone corrupt or damaged due to virus or malware attacks. This partition can be easily recovered just choose this option and Scan the drive after that it will give you all the files that is found in the scan, select the files and recover them instantly.

Recover partition – Pendrives and USB digital media drive recovery

Pendrives and USB drives can be easily recovered. If you have formatted your pen drive and nothing is overwritten then you can recover your data instantly. Just connect the USB drive and click scan to get your files, select and recover them.

CD/DVD Recovery

The best feature is that it can also recover the CD/DVD. It takes some time to recover a CD/DVD drive is corrupted. Else it does the fine job of recovering the files from CD/DVD.

An additional best feature which I see in this software is the Previous result option tab. This tab is present in each above discussed option, this is very useful as we no need to scan the media drive again as it shows the previous scan result.

Get this software Click below link:


Very Important notes:

  1. This software is available in the free and paid version. The free version is good for small files recovery i.e. less than 1 GB. But in order to recover large files, you need the paid version of the software, but I think 1 GB is enough to recover at once. Paid version means you have to upgrade it and get the serial no.
  2. This software recovers your data if you didn’t upload anything else on the desired drive. If you have overwritten the drive try the damaged partition option to recover, as these files will become hard to recover if overwritten still there is the chance that your needy file will be recovered if not overwritten.
  3. Please recover your files in a different place means if your the file you need has been found in drive d, then recover it in drive other than d, so that it doesn’t overwrite the existing files in the drive.
  4. If you have Factory reset your computer/laptop which I have done you can recover the whole drives data easily by scanning the partition in the “Partition recovery” option, but if you have something important in C: drive before then maybe you will not able to recover it as the new files of window installation will overwrite it.

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