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Recommendations to Take Before a Drug Test

Drug Test

Pre-employment drug testing has become common and employers don’t take any chances. As a job candidate, you wouldn’t like your boss to know that you have been using drugs. Some people opt to have the Ultimate Gold Synthetic Urine and produce false negative results while others decide to just detoxify. There are some recommendations that you can use to ensure you cleanse your blood and test negative on the drug test. All you need to do is to do these recommendations early enough so that your body gets enough time to cleanse the drug chemicals.

Stay Hydrated Always

Your body depends on the water you take to dissolve and eliminate the toxins. when you take a lot of water, excretion increases and you are able to dilute a lot of toxins. make sure you always drink water, clean and pure water for you to cleanse your body from the drug toxins that are circulating in your blood. Drink two to three liters of water a day so that you maximize the elimination of toxins from your body. If you drink water for some weeks prior to your drug test, you increase your chances of testing negative.

Get the Best Diet

This is not the time for you to increase consumption of processed foods. It is important for you to just stick to organic foods so that you reduce the addition of toxic compounds in your body. foods like Turmeric and Ginger are good because they contain compounds that help in detoxification. Dandelion is known to help in the elimination of excess water so that you increase the chances of turning negative during the drug test. If you cannot have the best food prior to that, make sure you carry your UPass Synthetic Urine and use it on behalf of the natural urine.

Reduce Your Drug and Alcohol Intake

The moment you apply for the job, make sure you stop consuming the drugs that you have been using. This will give your body enough time to cleanse your blood and make you have low levels of toxins. Don’t use any of the substances and start using some of the detoxification compounds so that you gain a clean blood that will probably test negative on drug tests. Even juices and sodas or any drink that contains alcohol is not good for your health so make sure you don’t take it.

Exercise A Lot So That You Sweat

Sweating is a way to also excrete toxic compounds from the body. Every evening and morning, you can jog so that you sweat a lot. Don’t exercise during the rainy season because you will not sweat a lot. When exercising, drink a lot of water as well so that you dissolve toxins and excrete them through the sweat. Exercising also increases blood supply to the tissues and when blood increases, it also cleanses all the toxins and excrete them making you have clean blood that will test negative during a drug test.


The weeks before your drug test should be weeks of preparation where you do all you can to ensure you cleanse your blood and get rid of the drug traces from your body. That way, you will be able to increase the chances of you testing negative. Get a fake urine if you have to but make sure naturally detoxification measures are followed because they are also one way of getting away from addiction. It is not easy to detoxify because at a point you will have withdrawal syndrome which will force you to taste those drugs. Make sure you make up your mind to stop drugs and give your body time to eliminate the present drug traces.

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