9 Reasons Your Dental Service Pages Aren’t Ranking

If you are finding it hard to improve the ranking of your dental website, then it can hurt the profitability of your clinic. 

Sometimes, your homepage may rank well but some of your service pages like those on cosmetic dentistry or implants may not rank high on a relevant organic search result. To find a solution to this problem, you will need a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. It will ensure that more people view your website, and you can attract new patients. 

Here, we will offer the main reasons why your dental service pages are not ranked high and how you can overcome the issues.

Essential Reasons Why Your Dental Webpages Are Not Ranking High

Here are some crucial reasons why your service pages may not be ranking high and what you can do to rectify them.

1. Your Website or Web Pages May Not Be on Google

You have to find out whether your website is on Google or not. To check your site on Google, you have to use the site: search operator in Google. It will allow you to view all the pages of that domain. You can type the full URL of your service pages. 

If you see the results, you will know that Google has indexed it. If you don’t, you will have to look in the search visibility option of your website setting, you might have unintentionally clicked on the “discourage search engines from indexing this site” box.

2. Your Website or the Service Page is New

If you have just launched your website or included a new service page, then wait for some time so that the crawlers can go through all your content to index it. It may take a few days to even a couple of weeks based upon the size of your website. 

For speeding up the process, you can submit your XML sitemap to the Google Search Console. It will help Google quickly find your website. In the Google Search Console, you can also make use of the URL inspection tool to figure out the performance of specific service pages of your website and find how Google crawler is viewing your site.

3. Your Content is Not Indexed

Adding the noindex meta robots tag informs Googlebot that it can crawl through the page, but any results generated cannot be indexed. If you want to find whether your page is noindexed, open that particular page to view the source code. At the head of the page, if you find the following code <meta name=”robots’ ‘ content=”noindex”>, it shows that you have instructed the crawlers to not index the page, which has kept it away from ranking. By making changes to this code, your webpage will get indexed by the Google crawler.

4. Your Website or Web Pages have Technical Issues

There are certainly technical issues that can impact the ranking of different pages on the website, such as loading speed, security, and so on. These technical issues might affect your dental web design page or any other service page on your website.

If you find that your posts are not showing up in the search engine results, then the real reason would be some technical issues. You can check whether there are any conflicting plug-ins or some third-party themes that may be preventing Google from indexing your service pages.

To fix the issue, you have to identify the problem. Therefore, check whether all the plug-in settings are optimally configured, find out whether the loading time is minimum, ensure that your security certificates are up-to-date, etc.

5. No Proper Internal Linking Structure

If the content of your website does not show up in the search result, then the site structure (the internal linking structure) could be the issue. Your website must have a clear site structure so that Google’s crawlers can easily understand it. 

Moreover, the crawler should be able to understand all the content that you have uploaded. If your internal linking structure is not up to the mark, even if your content is exciting and well-optimized, your site wouldn’t rank higher.

To resolve this issue, you need to check whether your crucial posts and pages are linked. You must add related and relevant links that would help add value to the viewer.

6. Your Website is Penalized for Breaking SEO Rules

If you have used black hat SEO tactics, like stuffing keywords into hidden text or buying links, Google will penalize your webpage or the website. Therefore, check whether you are breaking any rules of Google and everything on your website and web page are above board. 

To check whether your website is penalized, you have to find whether Google has flagged it. It would show on the Manual Actions tab in the Google Search Console. If you find some issues, you have to resolve them to ensure that Google ranks your website or web pages.

If your website is new, then you will find that your content is not getting ranked instantly even if you have optimized everything. To rank your web pages or website, you will need outside links from another website so that Google knows that your website exists.

Creating backlinks organically is the best solution to this problem. You have to post high-quality content that would attract a large number of clicks from the readers, which would help you get backlinks from other websites. You can also reach out to other websites to get more backlinks.

8. Content Quality is Low or Intent is Wrong

If the content of your web page doesn’t match the intent of the majority of searchers, then the search engine result would not show it in their search result.

To fix this problem, you can tweak your content strategy. Analyze the search result using the private mode to find what you are seeing. Find whether any one specific type of search is dominant, or are there any individual images or videos? Check which related queries are displayed. It will allow you to change your content strategy to match what people are searching for.

9. Too Much Competition

If your webpage includes competitive keywords and key phrases, chances are your website may not get ranked due to high competition. There may be other high authority sites that use similar keywords or key phrases.

If you face such an issue, you can experiment with long-tailed keywords and use them with related content. If you find that these long-tail keywords have improved your ranking, you will be able to use more competitive terms to improve your rankings.


We hope you have understood the reasons why your dental service pages are not ranking on the search engine.

The search engine algorithm that ranks a website regularly upgrades its strategy on how much weightage different elements of a web page should get for ranking.

You have to ensure that your search engine optimization strategy keeps pace with these changes to get a higher ranking in the search engine result. You have to take a holistic view of your dental web design, and dental SEO strategies with Google ads. 

It will ensure that all the web pages of your website are fully optimized and offer the best experience to your patients. Besides this, you can also implement some of the best dental marketing strategies followed by leading dental websites. 

When you consider proper marketing of your dental service pages keeping in mind the audience needs, your site will rank higher in the search engines. Ultimately, you will start generating better revenue.

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