7 Reasons Why Blogging is Must for eCommerce SEO

For an online business or eCommerce store, the primary and most important goal is to bring in massive traffic to your website or online store. When there would be a good amount of traffic on your website, only then would you be able to get more conversions and sales. This also helps in increasing the revenue of your business and ultimately drives its growth.

There are two strategies that one can apply to achieve this goal. First, you can rely on paid advertising as well as random organic traffic to your website. Secondly, you can start a business blog and combine blogging efforts with paid advertising strategies to double organic traffic. One can even make use of a guest post service. Most smart eCommerce store owners invest their time and effort in the second strategy for building their business.  

In this article, we have listed 7 reasons why blogging is a must for eCommerce SEO and why you should invest in it.

1. Develop the Store’s Voice 

There is one major area where eCommerce stores are not able to compete with other content-based online businesses. This is in having and maintaining a personality. For making your eCommerce business stand out from the competitors, one needs to develop a brand voice. This can be best done with the help of blogging. Investing in eCommerce blogging can help a business reach out to the customers and keep them engaged in the long run.

2. Attract and Engage Traffic from New Sources

Maintaining a blog for your online business can help in attracting traffic to your website. Updating the blog regularly keeps the visitors engaged and ensures that they keep returning to your blog. You might even be able to convince the visitors to buy products from your store by effective blogging. Also, if you have a higher number of pages on your store, it would be easier for the search engines to find your pages and display them to the users.

3. Makes SEO Efforts Easier

One of the most profitable traffic for online businesses is the one that comes from search engines. However, for tapping the search engine traffic, one needs to deliver what is being searched on different search engines. This is the content that the users are looking for actively. When an online business owner implements blogging in their marketing strategies, the amount of traffic coming into the online store rises dramatically.

4. Give Users a Reason to Share Further

If you have just started or are new to the online world, it might be difficult for you to reach out to users and encourage them to share your website or blog. However, you can entice the users by offering a discount or a free giveaway whenever they share your content with their connections. You can also conduct contests or surveys and reward the users on participating in them. Such marketing tactics, combined with some fantastic blogging skills, can give exponential results to the user.

5. Create a Call to Action (CTA)

With the help of blogging, you create new pathways for tapping into the mind of a customer, which other eCommerce store owners might not be doing. When users are reading your blog content, you would have their attention. This gives you an advantage as you can direct them to the website or blog where you want the users to go. 

In blogging, you can also post about some other related topics such as new industry trends, success stories from customers, addressing frequently asked questions, as well as providing testimonials. This way, you can bring the visitors closer to becoming your loyal customers. There are also several eCommerce blog examples where businesses use a call-to-action or CTA in the blog content to redirect users to a specific web page after warming them up to the idea of purchasing something.

6. Create New Backlinks

Creating new backlinks helps in optimizing an eCommerce store to rank higher in the search results. This is because backlinks are one of the primary factors for driving how well a web page ranks in the search engine results page. Having a good number of backlinks from high-quality websites would help a web page ranking higher. 

Using a guest post service can also help you in getting some excellent backlinks. However, most of the sites and blogs would not let you link your product pages without an incentive. Having a business blog helps you in tapping the blogging community and helps in building relationships with other bloggers and website owners. You can even link their websites or blogs with your business blog instead of your product pages.

7. Incorporate New Ideas for the Sales Funnel

Think and implement different ways to get more people to enter into the sales funnel. Email marketing is one such effective marketing strategy for an eCommerce store. Ensure that your email list is filled with current customers as well as other loyal followers or potential customers that can be convinced and ultimately converted into paying customers.  

Offering incentives to the users for joining your email list through your blog content is an effective way to grow your mailing list. You should also implement a follow-up strategy for building your brand with such loyal followers and subscribers. This will help them in understanding where to go when they want to make a purchase. You can also try many other eCommerce blog ideas to reach out to your target audience and increase your customer base.


While purchasing products or services online, users tend to care about the business or eCommerce store from whom they are buying. Having a business blog helps the customers to understand that the eCommerce website is concerned about the interests and needs of their customers. This helps in establishing credibility with the users and drives more traffic to your site. Blogging also sets your online store or website apart from other competitors. It helps you in ranking higher on the search results page.

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