Real Estate Mobile App Development- Cost and Features

In today’s mobile-driven world, realtors and real estate agents prefer to connect with their customers online. Customers, on the other hand, want to find a house to buy or rent through their smart devices. This trend has given rise to real estate app development. Feature-rich real estate apps can bridge the gap between the realtor’s properties and the customer’s requirements.   

The real estate mobile application is designed to include thousands and lacs of choices of real estate properties to meet the buyer’s housing-related needs. The sellers can also directly target the customers without any help from real estate agents through such apps. It is easy to find the property as per choice and budget without wandering around through an app. The real estate mobile app development considers the buyer and seller’s requirements. 

You may wonder how the real estate app enables the customers to get rid of various difficulties and lead them to a proper deal? The answer to this question lies in the features of a customized real estate app. These features also act as a deciding factor for the cost of real estate app development. Let’s go through some of the major features of a real estate mobile application.

Booming Real Estate Market and Importance of Apps

The revenue of the real estate sector is expected to reach 70 Trillion USD by 2020. A feature-rich mobile app can contribute to the growth of a thriving real estate by assisting the realtors and buyers alike. A dedicated mobile app is nothing short of a branding technique for your real estate agency. It is fair to mention that real estate app development can transform the entire sector digitally. 

The real estate app development company can build separate versions for the admin, real estate agents, and prospective customers. 

Key Features of Real Estate Mobile App

User Registration

The simple and social media-based registration process can draw the attention of people worldwide. The users can also give email addresses and contact numbers for registring themselves.

Profile Verification

This important feature verifies both customers and brokers. In a way, both can remain engaged in sharing information and communicate with each other frequently. The profile verification process is mainly based on an OTP or security code. Once the person adds contact number, an OTP is sent on the number to verify that person.

Filter and Search

Property search and filter search are other important features that enable the real estate mobile app to search properties as per specific needs. For example, if the person is looking for a 3-BHK flat for rent, it is easy to apply the 3-BHK filter, and the app will show all properties with 3-BHK. Rent/Buy/Lease are other options for customized search and filter search. 

Map and View of Properties

It enables the users to search a property either by using a map or by going through the list view of properties that includes name, ratings, amenities, and budget. The real estate app development enables realtors to show available properties in an interesting and interactive way

Property Details

Property information includes location, neighborhood, price, and amenities. Other details like with or without furniture and age of property can also be added in the real estate app. 


It shows whether this property is to buy, sell, or rent. It can clearly show the type of property for prospective buyers or sellers. 

Chat and Text Messaging

The admin or real estate agents can stay connected with prospective buyers or sellers through chat and text messaging features. This feature is also useful for negotiation. 

Push Notifications

The app can send personalized notifications to the users as and when new properties are posted. For example, if the user is interested in buying a property, the real estate app will send notifications regarding new properties that are ready to sell. The notifications or alerts can be sent through a text message or an email as well. 

Other Important App Features

The admin panel has an interactive dashboard with management-related features like user governance, insights, currency converter, and earnings management. Here is a list of additional yet important features that can give the real estate mobile app a competitive advantage. 

3D View- The mobile app development company can integrate this feature to display the available properties in a 3D view. The 3D view provides a rich visual experience and people find properties more appealing. 

CRM (Customer Relations Management)- CRM solutions are designed to improve customer relations. The real estate app development company can integrate CRM functionality to enable your app to deliver an excellent user experience in line with their choice of properties. 

Calculators- You can provide mortgage and interest rate calculators to facilitate the users to calculate various rates. It helps customers make informed decisions according to their budgets. 

HeatMap- It eases the search of the properties. It displays the properties in different colors based on various locations on the map. The customers can readily find the property as per their requirements. 

Picture Gallery- It is another important feature for the real estate mobile app. The gallery enables customers to find their ideal place. HD images can provide a visually pleasant experience to the app users.  

Approximate cost of real estate app development

The cost of real estate mobile applications is based on various factors including the complexity and integration of features. Another important aspect is the hourly cost of developers. You may wonder- how hourly rate can impact the development cost of the real estate apps? The answer to this question lies in the variation of hourly rates across the world. For example, the US-based developers take anywhere between $100 to $250, and Indian app developers take just $25- to $50 for the same tasks. 

It is advisable to outsource your app project if you own a real estate agency in the USA or European countries. For an Indian mobile app development company, we can classify the entire development process for real estate apps into the following steps-

  • Technical documentation- 40 hours ($1000-$2000)
  • UI/UX design- 60 hours ($1500-$3000)
  • Development- 400 hours ($10000-$20000)
  • App testing- 80 hours ($2000 to $4000)

If we consider all these factors, the estimated cost for developing a real estate mobile application can be found between $15000 to $30000 for either Android or iOS. However, you can get a basic real estate app with simple features at $10000 for a single platform. Realtors can also consider the option of cross-platform app development to get an app with desired features in a short time at reasonable costs. 

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