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Ready to Become a Surrogate: Here’s What You Need To Know

You may have seen an ad about surrogacy on social media, or you know someone in the family who has a gestational carrier. Regardless of how you have come to know about surrogacy, it is the most wonderful thing that you could possibly do to someone who struggles with infertility.

Remember that surrogacy is something that brings a huge commitment, to you, surrogacy agency, and future intended parents.

So, if you have decided filling an application to become a surrogate, but having second thoughts whether or not you are completely ready, then this article is for you!

Wondering about surrogacy is a separate thing, but how would you know if you’re prepared for the process to become a surrogate?

Ready to Become a Surrogate: Here's What You Need To Know

It is because you are healthy enough for the surrogacy process. You are ready for the commitment. You have done your complete research about the procedures and surrogacy agency!

However, here are some more ways that will help you understand all the key points once you have decided to help someone who wants to grow her family:

You Can Follow the Protocol!

One of the significant reasons that make you perfect for this is you have been pregnant before. Although, while you have had this experience, it is essential to know that surrogate pregnancy can be different. In the beginning stages, mainly, it can be distinguished from traditional pregnancy. So, you will be given special protocols by surrogacy California doctors that you must stick to in order to have a successful journey.

You Are Perfectly Fine Sharing Personal Life and Medical History!

Being a surrogate, you need to give your entire details about your medical and pregnancy history, financial status, sexual health, etc.

You Have No Issues with Regular Medical Check-Ups!

You may have to undergo regular visits to the hospital that may also include needles. The needle size may vary or relatively less painful, but if injections make you petrified, surrogacy might not be the right thing for you.

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You Should Have Family Support!

Before even thinking of being a surrogate, you must have someone by your side to support you mentally and take care of your health. You need a person who can travel with you and help you at each step, including childcare.

You Are Totally Fine With Traveling!

Once you are done with the local monitoring of your pregnancy journey, you may need to travel to other places for medical screening and other medical checkups by professionals. Thus, it may involve different trips of varying lengths.

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Open Communication Is a Must!

The fundamental key to a flourishing surrogacy journey is when you are open to having a thorough conversation with the future intended parents and one another. This open and friendly communication helps to set a bond between both the parties.


The whole process of surrogacy can be an emotional roller coaster, so it is essential to understand the entire steps involved in the process such as medications, travel, and the pregnancy itself. However, surrogates and future intended parents who choose this take it as a positive and wonderful approach. It is a worthwhile experience that greatly enriches the lives of everyone it touches!

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