Reaching More Prospects Using Social Media

Social media has vastly grown both in size and popularity over the recent years. Nowadays, businesses of all sizes leverage social media to boost their visibility, presence and exposure online, among other things. What’s more, companies use social media to establish relationships with their target audience, in order to generate more qualified leads and obtain more prospects. If you don’t know where to engage your potential customers, you won’t make a mistake if you choose social media to do so.

However, social media platforms are a unique channel that requires a unique approach. Just because your audience is there, it doesn’t mean they’ll be interested in what you have to offer right away. The fact of the matter is that even though social media is quite business-friendly these days, it’s still a social platform designed for interactions above all else. That being said, here are a few ways you can reach more prospects using social media.

Research potential prospects

Before you start reaching out, you must first identify your potential prospects. These are the type of customers or clients that you already have or would like to have in the future. Finding out about them as much as you can, will help you reach out to them more effectively. Market research can help you achieve that.

When conducting such research, make sure you focus on finding out who your potential prospects are, what they like, what they do and which demographics group they belong to. The more you learn about your target audience and potential prospects as well, the more efficient you’ll be at attracting their attention and promoting your sales pitch.

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Determine where your prospect are

Establishing a presence on social media for businesses means being where your customers are. That means that you don’t have to establish a presence on each and every social media network out there. That would simply be a waste of both your time and your resources. Instead, determine where your prospects are and which platform they’re commonly present at and build your presence there.

For example, if your prospects are the younger generation, then they’re most likely on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, perhaps. If that’s the case, then you don’t need a LinkedIn or a Twitter profile. What’s more, you must develop a unique approach for each network and a unique tone of voice. Otherwise, your audience will start to lose interest even though they’re basically the same consumer group present on multiple networks. Simply put, “one size fits all” simply doesn’t work on social media.

Don’t start selling straight away

Once you’ve established who your audience and prospects are, as well as established a presence on each network they’re present at, it’s important not to start selling right away. As mentioned before, social media is a platform for social interactions first and a sales channel second. In other words, you must establish a connection and build a relationship with prospects before you can promote your offers.

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The best way you can achieve this is by developing and publishing original and relevant content that’s informative, entertaining and educational. However, creating such content requires an investment, so you might consider a business loan for that purpose. Content is the most effective strategy for reaching out to prospects on social media because it can deliver true value to your audience and make your company relevant.

Give life to your products or services

A sales pitch is only good if you have a relationship with your prospects. Even then, you cannot be too pushy with your sales. Again, content can make a difference between capturing a prospect’s interest and driving them away. Instead of simply pushing sales, try to give life to your products or services through content. For instance, publish articles that will help prospects familiarize themselves with your products or services, especially articles that focus on solving relevant pain points consumers oftentimes experience.

Also, promote product videos to give prospects a bigger picture. Other content types, such as infographics, case studies, reports and so on are also a good way to bring your offers closer to your prospects and ensure they’re resonating well, instead of simply trying to push a sale. In addition, if your content is compelling enough, it may go viral over social media and help you reach an even broader audience with additional prospects.

Remain consistent

The important factor in reaching prospects is nurturing your relationship with them. A sale cannot happen overnight and you shouldn’t expect it to, either. A sale happens through a funnel where you encourage prospects to buy on each step of their journey. While on social media, it’s important to keep prospects engaged.

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You can do that by being consistent at all times. That consistency includes regularly publishing content, engaging in conversations with your audience on a daily basis, creating events and offering incentives, among other things. The more you maintain your prospects’ engagement levels, the easier it becomes to lead them down your sales funnel.

Reaching prospects on social media is a demanding process that requires dedication and effort. No one will buy from you just because you have products or services to offer. Instead, you must convince prospects that your offers are worthwhile and encourage them to finally make a purchase.

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