Quora for SEO: An Extensive Guide to Drive Traffic through Quora

Frustrating, isn’t it?

When you work diligently on any content and no one reads it or people don’t have any clue about its existence.
To reach your content to the targeted audience and drive high-quality traffic on your website, you need a sure-shot strategy that substantially drives traffic to your website.

Ever heard about Quora?
Yes, Quora is a powerful SEO tool to engage with a large number of audiences and drives visitors to your website.
It is one of the largest Q & A platforms where one can post a question and can get answers from the experts. It is a great source of traffic for websites.
You might be thinking now about how to benefit your website with Quora? Don’t worry! We are here with an extensive guide to drive traffic to your website through Quora.

Let’s dive in and get the details.

How to drive traffic from Quora?

Quora is tricky to use and there are no hard and fast rules to use it. You will find all kind of question from silly to some serious topics. It has something for everyone and for every niche. Let’s explore it and find out how it can be useful for you.

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1. Create the right profile

To stand out from other profiles on Quora, create a profile with all the details. The perfect quora profile includes the following key points.

#A killer Headline with profile Bio

Your tagline tells a lot about what you are on Quora. Write a killer headline that completely defines that you are qualified to those answers perfectly.

You can use pipes to separate your description or can add your website link as a tag. Once your answers go viral, you will have a lot of visitors on your profile. So, make your profile impressive and attract traffic to your page.

#Add Profile details

This field is only shown when people click on it. You can tell the story or your life or link to blogs or social media profiles in the profile summary.

You can also share some interesting facts or can mention any publication to make this section of your profile different from others.

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#Add your core topics

Quora have the feature that allows you to add the specific topics. Simply search for the relevant topics for your profile and add them. You can also write a perfect bio for the topics you add on your profile.

2. Hunt for the right questions to answer

After setting up your profile, your Quora feed will show the questions asked related to the categories you have subscribed. Usually, 95% if the Quora users miss this step of hunting for the big game questions that change views on your answers from 500 to 1000 and more.

Look for the relevant topic and don’t answer the questions you are clueless about. Follow the most followed topics on Quora you know about.

For example, Self Improvement Topic:
It has 500k+ followers so it will attract more views than the less popular topic. The question “What can I learn right now in 10 minutes that will be useful for the rest of my life?” has more 4346 answers so this will be a great topic to start.

You need to first research the topic, understand it and then write the answer. You can research for the good questions first and save them as Answer Later for creating a list of the questions you want to answer.

Check this Answer Later list and start answering your questions.

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3. Craft your answers carefully

There is no formula for writing answers on Quora but yes, certain tricks can surely help you to write great answers and can increase your followers. Some useful tricks to answer on Quora are:

#Tell Stories

Stories are the best source of attracting people to read what you have written. I engage the audience and hence increase views on your answers. Pick up the questions and try relating it with a story if requires.

#Use Visuals

Images are a great way to attract people. The study shows that answers including images in initial 75-100 words get more shares than the ones with no images.

#Provide specific details

While answering questions on Quora provide enough details that your answers get upvoted by the people, but don’t give away all the details. With some explanation, link it to a more detailed version on your blog. This is the most important trick to drive traffic on your website. 

4. Link to Your Site

Answering on Quora gives you the opportunities to show your knowledge and also to post a link of your website.

But while linking your website on Quora, be careful as Quora don’t allow promotion of your website and it bans the accounts of the users who just answer on Quora to promote their website.

Your main objective should be to help people through your answers. If you have a more detailed answer on the blog then you can refer to your blog post with some explanation. By this, you can get a link on your website and drives more traffic.

Instead of just putting a link, sometimes you can add a link with anchor text on the specific keyword. This will increase search volume of that keyword and rank your website on that.

Benefits of using Quora for Your Website

There are enormous benefits of using Quora for your website. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Quora is a great source for long-term traffic for your website.
  • It helps in establishing yourself as an individual authority.
  • You can get connected with successful writers and major publications and reach out your website to more people.
  • It helps in improving the search engine ranking of your website.
  • You can investigate the latest trends in your industry through Quora.
  • You can also research the content topic ideas for your next blog through this.

Quora is a great place to attract visitors to your website. Just start with Quora and explore it and make Quora Advertising and SEO a major source of traffic for your business.

| About the Guest Author: Aarif Habeeb

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