Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring A Link Building Agency

Link building is as important as optimizing your website, on-page, for better performance online. A balanced strategy that optimizes both on-page, as well as off-page elements for your website, is thus very important. If you are not very familiar with SEO strategies and everything that comes with its processes, you can always reach out to an expert. Many companies offer excellent services at reasonable costs, with methods like building links that will make your website rank at the top Google pages while working with you side by side

Primarily there are two ways of securing backlinks for your website: either you create such a stellar piece of content that users link out to you, or you outreach the bloggers and seek backlinks from them.

When you are seeking backlinks by outreaching other influencers in your niche, it could become tedious at times. The alternative which is most sought after by online marketers and bloggers is to hire a link building agency. But, how do you know which agency is the best for you?

Here are the questions that you should be asking your agency before hiring them.

How Do You Do it?

The very first question that concerns the overall effectiveness of the link building strategy is the process that your agency follows. Do they offer link insertion or spammy comment links, or do they manually outreach and curate guest posts to fetch your backlinks? For example, the best guest posting service from outreachmonks creates original content to secure backlinks for your website. If your agency offers anything other than guest post backlinks, you need to walk away and continue with your search further.

Can You Share Some Examples?

When you are sorting out your potential outsourced partners, you should carefully have a look at their portfolio. Ask your agency to share a few example blogs they’ll be outreaching for you. Once you are satisfied that the blogs are of high quality and no PBNs, make sure you ask them for a sample content as well. Both the elements, the blog as well as the content to be guest posted are equally important for a building a good link profile for your website.

How Many Years Of Experience Do You Have?

Certainly, a highly reputable agency must have years of experience to be recognized as one of the best in the industry. Ask your agency about when did they start and carefully make a note of the experience they hold. A highly experienced agency can ensure that there are no glitches in building links for you. Furthermore, you can rest assured that they will deliver high-quality work.

Do You Follow White Hat Link-Building Practices?

The market is filled with a plethora of sneaky agencies who claim to be the best but are truly not. The difference lies in the practices followed. A genuine link outreach agency would certainly be following white hat SEO practices, whereas perpetrators would follow the black-hat, or grey-hat if not completely white.

What Do You Charge Per Link?

The most important factor which can influence your decision to hire a link building agency is the cost they charge per link. A good link building agency would charge somewhere between $50 to a few hundred dollars per link, depending upon the type of link you order for. Moreover, some agencies also offer discounts, if you place orders in bulk.

Make sure that you ask these questions before finalizing on any agency, as the overall performance of your website is dependant upon the tasks that these guys would undertake for you.

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