Professional Gifts That Will Impress Your Business Partners

No matter if your business partner’s birthday is coming up, or you just want to welcome them to the company on the right note, you can easily show your respect and appreciation with a gift. But what do you get someone you don’t really know outside of the office? Here are a few ideas that will keep your company top of mind all the time:

Portable charger

Today, business people can’t go anywhere without their phone—it’s used for making deals, networking, setting alarms and reminders, creating meetings, etc. The business world requires you to stay connected 24/7, but batteries don’t care about our arrangements. With a portable charger, your business partner will always have access to electricity and keep their phone alive and available for consultations with you.


Tile is a keychain-sized Bluetooth tracking device that is easy to attach to a phone, keys, laptops, wallets and other important business things that often get misplaced. In case any of these items disappear, use the Tile app to locate them. It’s even possible to order a custom Tile with your logo or the recipient’s initials for some extra personalization.

Pen and notebook

This is a classic business gift that still works wonders. A nice leather-bound notebook and an elegant pen created in your company colors will always get used. You can go for a subtle logo and name of your company printed on the front as a free advertisement (but don’t make it too obvious, otherwise, your gift will look tacky and never leave a drawer).

Tea or coffee selection

Break room coffee or tea are never tasty and satisfying, so be a hero of the entire company by sending your associate a deluxe basket of gourmet coffee and artisan tea. If you want your present to be highly personal, infuse local flavors in your gift and choose beans roasted in your area or tea blends that have local herbs, spices and fruits in them. 


A wallet is a great gift that always has some “manifestation” properties—if you attract money with it, it will be full. It’s safe to say that business people have plenty of cards and not much cash, so an elegant carbon fiber wallet that can house up to 12 cards and some cash is a perfect gift for every busy working person. It looks cool and streamlined and it’s more than useful, especially for those who are always in a rush (it fits perfectly in any pocket).

Event tickets

Materials gifts are great but experiences are always worth more. For instance, you can gift your associates tickets for their favorite sports team or send them to the local theater for an opera performance or a pop concert, it all depends on their attitudes and the niche they’re in. This will provide your business partner a fun night out with a colleague or a family member and show that you’re a thoughtful associate.

Online classes

The gift of learning is always appreciated among the right people. You might have talked about strengthening certain skills or adding fresh computer knowledge to your arsenals, use that and buy them an online class subscription. And it doesn’t even have to be work-related—a cooking class or a beginner photography class is a great idea too.


Every serious business person is happy to invest time and money into professional development, so you can help them by gifting a book in their niche. Also, if you know your business partner is an expert in certain areas, a new reference book will definitely find a spot on their coffee table. A coffee table book on your associate’s hobbies and interests (from cars to food and fashion) will also work. They are both useful and beautiful as decoration.

Pet necessities

If your business partner talks about their pets or has a photo displayed in their office, make sure to feed their love for animals with a cute pet necessities basket. For those who don’t know anything about pets, there are subscription boxes that usually contain toys, treats and accessories for cats and dogs.

Buying gifts for business partners is always challenging, but if you know them just a little bit, you’ll most likely manage to get something that will be used every day, appreciated greatly and remind them of your company and great business etiquette.

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