A User Perspective Review in 2024

Plagiarism means intentionally or unintentionally mimicking someone else’s work without giving them credit and using their work as your own. Plagiarism is like stealing and it is often frowned upon. 

In today’s scenario, it is not hard to detect plagiarism; and if your professor or editor is the one who detects it, you will be in big trouble, they can fail or fire you, two most horrying words for a student or a writer respectively. 

As a full-time content writer and blogger, I acknowledge the importance of writing honesty and always check the plagiarism beforehand. Schools, companies, editorials, etc. have access to Turnitin software which checks plagiarism however, individuals can not use it. 

So, in my quest to find a well-developed plagiarism detector, I encountered, it is an AI plagiarism detector that quickly analyses the text, compares it with already published text, and provides a plagiarism report. You can use the plagiarism report to identify which part has plagiarism and fix it by paraphrasing it. 

In today’s review, I will share my personal experience and walk you through the process of using the for plagiarism detection and elimination. 

So, let’s begin without further delay!

What Does do? uses AI algorithms and quickly compares the uploaded text with vast databases of published texts and books to identify similarities. The similarities are highlighted in red color, so the user can paraphrase or change those sentences and paragraphs to eliminate plagiarism. 

This tool offers plagiarism bypassing as well which I found super helpful especially when I’m running short of time and required to turn in my work swiftly. I get back to this area while demonstrating how to use it. 

How to Use

The AI plagiarism checker is easy to navigate and provides quick plagiarism detection and it also has a paraphrasing tool to eliminate plagiarism. Following are the 5 steps that you need to follow to use this plagiarism detector:

1. Upload the Text:

Open the AI plagiarism checker on your computer by visiting and upload your text in the provided dialogue box. 

2. Check Plagiarism:

Click on the “Check Plagiarism” button to initiate the processing of the plagiarism detector. 

3. Check Results:

Within a few seconds, the Plagiarism report will appear in front of you. The portion of the text highlighted with red is the plagiarized text while the portion in green is original. 

4. Eliminate Plagiarism:

You can either eliminate the plagiarism by manually editing the text or you can choose to use the plagiarism bypassing option. To use the plagiarism bypassing option, simply move your cursor on the line highlighted with red color, and the “bypass” option will appear, click on it, and within seconds the text will be paraphrased and the pledge reason will be removed. 

5. Save Original Text:

Copy the plagiarism-free text that you have generated, and paste it on a Word file within your computer. 

Just 5 simple steps that you can literally do in a few minutes will ensure no plagiarism in your text. 

What are the Distinguishing Features?

Now I would like to move toward the features of plagiarism checker that are much better and well developed in comparison to other tools available online. 

1. AI Plagiarism Checking:

It is an AI plagiarism checker that checks for plagiarism with advanced AI algorithms. The AI ability permits it to identify both direct and indirect instances of plagiarism. 

Most told available online can only detect direct plagiarism but fail to detect indirect plagiarism. However, this AI plagiarism detector can check for plagiarism of both direct and indirect origin. 

2. Plagiarism Report:

This tool provides vivid plagiarism reports to the users. The report highlights the total plagiarism percentage along with a list of sources that are plagiarism and highlighting of plagiarized portion. The report provided by is the perfect alternative to the Turnitin report.  

3. Color Differences:

Color differences are very wise, they distinguish the plagiarized text from the original text. The plagiarized text is highlighted in red while the original text is highlighted in green color.  

4. Source List:

The tool provides a list of sources that have been plagiarized. The user can move the cursor of the mouse to the red highlighted text and the specific source that has been plagiarized will be highlighted so the user can cite it without any problem or confusion. 

5. Plagiarism Bypassing:

Bypassing plagiarism is the very feature that makes me a fan of this tool. Eliminating plagiarism is an excruciating task however this tool makes it effortless, quick, and effective. 

As mentioned above, you can simply click on the bypass button and the text will be rephrased to eliminate plagiarism. 

6. Processing Time:

The processing time of this tool is just a couple of seconds, it doesn’t take hours to identify and eliminate the plagiarism from the text. So, it not only saves our energy but also saves our time.

7. Context Window:

This plagiarism checker has a context window of 25000 words. This means that you can check for plagiarism in 25000 words at a time which is a very big size of text; to give you an idea it is equal to the size of a novella. 

So these were the features that have enchanted me and made me a big fan of 

How Much Does Cost? is not a free tool but it is a very pocket-friendly one. The minimum charge it costs you is $5, and now I hope you understand why I say it is pocket-friendly. 

There are two subscriptions available: 

  • For $5 you can check plagiarism in 10,000 words monthly. 
  • For $10 you can check plagiarism in 100,000 words monthly. 

The first subscription is good for students while the second one is good for professional content writers and bloggers

Final Word: 

Finally, I would like to sum up this conversation on this note that plagiarism is a serious issue and it is our responsibility to not commit plagiarism at all costs because it infringes the rights of the author and also makes us criminal which I believe no one would like to be. Hope this review is helpful for you. Take care, Bye!

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