Painless Method: 4 Ways To Decrypt Your PDF Files Using PDF Bear

For some particular reasons, we need our passworded PDF files to be unlocked. There are useful tools available that can help you do the task. However, you need to ensure and distinguish which is safe and which is not. Viruses and malware are prevalent on the internet. In just a click away, your data can be stolen. 

Thus, you have to ensure first that you are working with the most trusted and safest digital tool to work on your PDFs. This is why we would like to introduce the trusted and known service of PDF Bear. PDF Bear is a website that offers users to unlock PDF tools to decrypt all of your passworded PDFs. In just a few clicks, your desired outputs will be fully granted. Follow these methods indicated to get you started. 

Click The “Choose Files” Button

First and foremost, choose the protected files you wish to be decrypted by clicking “Choose Files” to upload the documents to the site. PDF Bear will keep your uploads away from prying eyes. Thus, there will be no data stolen. Your files will be safeguarded at all times. Viruses and malware will be defeated. PDF Bear’s PDF unlock tool will not just satisfy you with its excellent service, but they also value your peace of mind. 

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Type The Password

Completely enter the password you have created for that particular PDF. Hence, you have to be the password-owner when doing this process. No worries as PDF Bear will ensure that the action will be ‘for your eyes only.’ The password you have set will be private. Another best thing about this site is its ability to work on several platforms for any time and anywhere access. Be it as Linux or Window; you can fully perform the action for free. 

Click The “Unlock PDF” Button

To fully decrypt your passworded document, click on “Unlock PDF.” The unlocking process will just consume seconds, and rest assured that there will be no affected quality. The original quality of a document will remain at the end of the procedure. 

Save Your Document

Wherever you want it to be saved, PDF Bear fully supports yours with your choice. Either you want it to be on your Google Drive or Dropbox, the website helps you download the files in the fastest way possible. You will just need an internet connection. Your new updates PDFs will be ready to be utilized. Whether it is for school projects or business-related documents, the choice is ultimately yours and expects a high-quality result. 

Can I Also Lock My PDFs Using The Site?

This is a good question for those currently looking for the best website tool to lock their documents, and yes, you can also encrypt your PDFs using this website. PDF Bear also offers users worldwide with its lock PDF tool. To encrypt your files, follow these steps.

  • Step 1. Choose the documents from your device that need to be encrypted. 
  • Step 2. Type your desired password for your files, and let the site work on the whole task. 
  • Step 3. Click “Protect PDF” to fully encrypt your PDFs. They will be protected from possible risks out there. 
  • Step 4. Download your protected PDF file


Thanks to PDF Bear, that makes the task painless. There are thousands of things to mention about why you should love the website’s service. It makes our digital papers very convenient to handle. It is an ‘all-in-one’ tool that makes everything possible. From converting, locking, to decrypting, PDF Bear will surely give you an excellent result that you can cherish forever. Recommend the website to your colleagues to share what you have just found. 

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