As companies constantly search for ways to optimise their operations and gain a competitive advantage, software outsourcing has become a premier option. What entrepreneurs do is outsource PHP development.

In the dynamic field of web development, PHP stands as a fundamental language, driving countless websites and applications that shape our digital experiences. Therefore, the demand for qualified PHP developers has skyrocketed.

Whether you are an experienced business leader or a budding entrepreneur, this guide will allow you to harness the power of PHP development outsourcing, driving your business towards higher levels of innovation and success.

What is PHP?

In the field of web app development, PHP is the undisputed king that feeds the staggering 77.4% of websites. whose server-side programming language is known.

PHP started its journey in 1995 with the launch of the first version and, since then, it has evolved into a powerful tool, with the current version, PHP 8.2, released in 2022.

In essence, PHP is a programming language that allows developers to automate tasks that would otherwise require manual intervention. This scripting skill has brought PHP to the forefront of web development, making it the preferred choice for creating a wide range of applications.

PHP’s open source nature is also a key differentiating element as it is freely available for anyone to use and modify. With an open source philosophy, it has fostered a thriving community of developers, contributing to a vast ecosystem of frameworks, libraries, and tools. Furthermore, PHP’s versatility goes beyond its open source nature, as it integrates seamlessly with various operating systems, web servers and database management systems.

Giants like Wikipedia, Nvidia, and Tumblr have embraced the power of PHP, taking advantage of its flexibility to deliver rich and engaging user experiences. And even if Facebook doesn’t use PHP directly, its underlying infrastructure is largely based on language, making it an integral part of the social media giant’s operations.

8 steps to outsource PHP development

Outsourcing PHP development can be a strategic move to take advantage of external experience and reduce costs. Here is a five-step guide to help you effectively outsource PHP development:

Step 1: Know what you want for your PHP project

It will be a challenge to align your goals with your PHP developer if you cannot define your desired requirements, objectives and results for your project. Before incorporating people into your team, make sure you know the following:

Scope of your project

Calendar and deadlines


Technological battery

User expectations and project objectives

Remember that the more detailed and complete the summary of your project, the easier it will be for the potential outsourced web application development company to understand your needs. And in this way, they can help you achieve your goals effectively.

Step 2: Consider networking as an advantage

Searching for a PHP outsourcing company is not a one-click process. You should research and take advantage of the network to find the right company for your project. Therefore, don’t be afraid to contact people who have previously worked with outsourcing companies.

This approach works for two reasons. First, you can determine the best PHP outsourcing company to work based on your experience with a specific agency. Second, you get an honest idea about that company’s strengths and weaknesses. Once you have built your network, it is time to narrow down your list of potential companies based on your industry experience, portfolio, and reputation.

Step 3: Choose a comfortable time zone

One of the advantages of outsourcing PHP development is having access to a worldwide group of talented developers. However, it is vital to consider the time differences between you and your outsourcing partner.

Consider choosing a company whose work hours match yours so that communication and collaboration are fluid. The Philippines, India and Ukraine are some of the countries that share similar time zones with North America.

Step 4: Start interviewing and hiring

Once the list is reduced, you will be closer to finding the outsourced web application development company that suits you best. The next step is to arrange interviews to discuss in detail the requirements of your project. It is essential to keep the following in mind when interviewing potential companies:

Technical knowledge and experience in the sector

Communication capacity

Project management process

Portfolio and customer testimonials

Cost and payment terms

Once you have selected your outsourcing partner, it’s time to discuss the contract and project details, such as milestones, deliverables, and deadlines.

Step 5: Schedule regular meetings with the project manager

Communication is key to the success of PHP outsourcing projects. Organise regular meetings with the project manager to discuss project updates, address any concerns, and ensure the project is on track.

Most outsourcing companies will start this meeting for you, but it is always advisable to actively participate in project management. This will help you stay on top of progress and ensure that the project is delivered according to your expectations.

Step 6: Promote an open communication culture

With time differences and geographic distance, it is never impossible to establish an open and transparent communication culture between you and dedicated PHP developers. There are several tools, such as project management software and videoconferencing platforms, that can help facilitate communication and collaboration.

By fostering open communication, you can forge a strong working relationship with your outsourcing partner, leading to more successful projects in the future. With clear lines of communication, you can also address any issues or concerns quickly, before it becomes a serious problem.

Step 7: Tests are a must

Developing web applications or websites requires rigorous testing to ensure they work properly and meet user expectations. This will take time and it is essential to allocate sufficient resources to testing on the project schedule.

Your outsourcing partner must have a team of quality control specialists who can perform extensive testing and provide the necessary bug fixes before launching the final product. This will ensure that your application is of high quality and meets industry standards.

Also, consider using agile methodologies, such as test-based development (TDD), in which tests are written before developing the code. This can help identify any errors or problems early in the development process, saving time and resources in the long term.

Step 8: Start-up and maintenance

When you outsource programming in PHP, don’t forget to have a post-release maintenance and support plan. A good outsourcing partner should offer maintenance and support services to ensure that your project continues to run smoothly after launch.

Once the tests are complete, it is time to launch the project and make it available to users. This is the time to get user feedback and make the necessary improvements or corrections. With the help of your experienced PHP developers, you can continuously monitor and maintain your project to ensure its long-term success.

By following these steps, you can increase the chances of success of your development project in PHP. Regular communication, clear expectations and a collaborative approach are key factors in achieving a positive result.

5 outsourcing companies for PHP development

Outsourcing PHP knowledge is now easier than ever. But that does not mean that you should go to any company that offers it.

To make your search as effective and satisfying as possible, we have brought together five trusted companies where you can get PHP development services:


One of the best countries to outsource PHP web app development services is the Philippines. AND Sparkout is the software development company you can trust. We offer elite services in web development, design and digital transformation.

With StarTechUP, you are not only hiring a team of PHP developers; You are gaining a trusted partner who understands the complexities of web development and the nuances of your business. Our team has years of experience in developing some of the most sophisticated custom web applications, So if your project is a complex business solution or a simple but functional website, we are equipped to handle it gently.

Here are the software development services that we can do for you.

EcDev study

EcDev Studio is a web development agency based in Ukraine. And they are ready to provide you with offshore PHP development. Proven practices in web architecture follow with an emphasis on system scalability, speed, and high load resistance.

EcDev Studio is unique in its individual approach to customer business goals. They do not ask for detailed requirements for the project, but rather analyze their ideas, investigate the technology and recommend a suitable solution for their MVP. In other words, you will get people’s participation, initiative, and creativity (not just using ready requirements).


Based in Australia, XWP is an expert in web technology. You can entrust them with the development of your PHP application and take advantage of your experience in creating first-class software that seamlessly integrates with your website and publishing platforms.

XWP’s commitment to innovation extends to its open source contributions, in which they actively participate to shape the future of web development. Their participation in open source projects fosters a collaborative environment that benefits the entire web development community.


If you are concerned about aligning time zones with PHP programmers abroad, BairesDev has everything covered. As a California-based company, they have worked with more than 500 clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies in various sectors.

With BairesDev’s scalable technology solutions, you can choose to earn the additional talent needed from your in-house development team, or you can choose to hire an expert autonomous team to launch your project. As long as you have a budget, you can expect results from conception of ideas to the end.

Sparkout Tech Solutions

India is one of the main countries to find subcontracted development companies. Sparkout Tech Solutions is one of those that stands out for its commitment to offering experienced and dedicated virtual teams, consistent communication and flexibility to adapt resources based on project growth.

Sparkout Tech Solutions is a leading provider of software products and solution development for small and medium businesses (SMEs). With more than 20 years of experience, they have served more than 1,100 SME clients, providing dedicated global teams of virtual employees. These highly experienced developers commit to working 40 hours a week and are supervised by part-time supervisors and quality auditors to ensure exceptional quality standards.

Create powerful and efficient web applications with us: Web application development services.

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