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Opening A Retail Business? Here’s What You Need

retail business

Opening a retail business can be challenging but a successful task if provided with the right information. From startups to small businesses, vendors have a list of chores to complete before opening the doors to the public. These include choosing the premises for the business, configuring the POS system, and wiring up the VOIP business phone system. Business owners also have to research a plethora of services before settling down for the service providers that suit them best. Let’s take a closer look at some of these services.

POS Systems

Modern times call for modern needs. The traditional cash register has now evolved into touchscreen devices and wireless transactions. However, some features remain the same. Registers still need a Point of Sale system—or POS system—to handle sales and inventory. Although many clients are opting for wireless payment methods such as mobile apps, cash registers still need credit card readers and cash drawers for those who prefer to pay this way. In addition, cash registers should have a barcode scanner to scan product prices, and a receipt printer to close each purchase.

More vendors are looking into companies like Retail Plus Point of Sale, which offers customizable retail POS system software and cash register hardware that are easy to use. These services are straight to the point. You first choose a type of computer, laptop, or tablet to set up your POS system. Then, you order the key devices to run your POS system, including a receipt printer, cash drawer, and barcode scanner. You can also order other “premium” devices such as pole displays, barcode printers, debit and credit card processing systems, scales and weights, portable stock counters, and even online e-commerce integrations. Lastly, you will need to download and install the software on your new devices to start running your business.

Communications Systems


Business operations usually don’t stop and are sought for from all over the world. Vendors must implement internet connections and phone systems like landlines to be able to take and make phone calls, receive voicemail, and even send SMS messages. The combination of these essential technologies results in Voice Over Internet Protocol—or VOIP phone services. There are VOIP service providers like Magic Apple and Nextiva which offer smart and reliable VOIP phone systems to businesses who want high call quality VOIP services. VOIP phones can be cordless phones or wired phones, and are equipped with a microphone just like traditional phones.

Most of these VOIP solutions require an internet protocol, routers, and Ethernet connections. For these to work, they need an Internet service provider, or ISP. VOIP phones are capable of making VOIP calls and have a telephone number like a traditional phone. They also have some advanced features such as caller ID of incoming calls and can save the clients’ contact information. Additionally, they offer video conferencing and instant messaging services, call routing, and integrations with an email address.

In addition to VOIP providers, retail employees need to be comfortable when conducting business and facing the public. It is because of this that each employee should be provided with a mobile device to communicate among themselves. This could sometimes be a headset or handset or even a cell phone. They should also have a fax in case they need to send any paperwork to corporate offices and such.



Whether it’s a small business or a supercenter, all retail stores need employees. Employees are the sellers of the business name and products. They need to be trained in customer service and have customer support skills. Before being hired, employees must go through a background check. These background checks are conducted with fingerprints and will reveal if they have any criminal history. Business owners must be aware of the people representing them because one bad apple can spoil a whole barrel.

As part of having employees, businesses in the United States should invest in a checks service to take care of their checking and direct deposit needs. One company that’s helping businesses pay their employees is SmartPayables. This company allows business owners to rely on them for customized check writing and printing services. They also provide direct deposit and ACH services such as NACHA file generation and automation, depending on the bank you use for your business. In addition, SmartPayables offers back-office services like statement printing and mailing, and delegating 1099s and W-2s (tax return forms) during tax season. Investing in a company like SmartPayables is another step to take your small business to grandiosity.

Opening a retail business can feel overwhelming. Luckily, other people have already gone through the process and have successfully come through to the other side. The above ideas are here to help you launch your own business. All that’s left to do is saddle up and get it done.

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