One Night Trip Ideas for Your Family

There’s nothing better than getting away from it all with the family for a quick, one-night trip adventure! Just use your imagination for this mini vacation, and have a ball doing something exciting and different without planning for a major commitment. Vacation experts are sharing their favorite ideas to consider for some family fun at the end of the day.

Camping Under The Stars

If there’s one activity the entire family would enjoy, it’s camping and sleeping under the stars at night. This is a classic adventure and can be fully enjoyed with even a single-night itinerary. Being surrounded by the beauty and purity of nature is an awesome experience, and you and yours can sleep comfortably when you choose the right gear.

The modern way to camp that many families now enjoy is buying their own 4 person rooftop tents along with a few other accessories like a camping grill and tree hammocks. A short camping trip is something that families can easily do and enjoy, offering an inexpensive getaway with activities like hiking, swimming, and even roasting smores. 

Overnight Train Travel

Here’s another fabulous idea for a one-night trip that will keep you on the move. An overnight train ride allows the entire family to explore life onboard a train. You can find a one-night journey that you can begin and end from the train station nearest to your hometown.

Sitting back and relaxing as you view some of North America’s most stunning landscapes by rail is a blast, and when night falls, you and the children will close your eyes as you unwind with a cozy blanket and pillow.

Waterfront Inn Relaxation

Maybe you’d prefer to journey to the beach for the day taking in the sun, sand, and surf and laying on your towels after a swim. The crisp, salty air feels good and builds up a big appetite. Staying overnight in a waterfront inn at the seacoast is an option to choose for a one-night trip getaway.

Nothing can quite compare to a scenic beach backdrop, and the family can eat dinner on the patio and listen to the tide rolling in and breathe in that soothing night air that gently wraps around you.

Winter Wonderland Sleigh Ride

You and the family can always head to the mountains to take in the many activities that are offered year-round. During wintertime, find a place that offers horse-drawn sleigh rides. It’s a wonderful snowy event that can make for great family memories and photos. You may also try cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, and other classic winter recreation.

Find a nice cabin for the evening to stay warm overnight, and wake up to the lovely sound of birds singing in the peaceful, morning air.

Night Cruise On The Water

Maybe you and the kids dream of setting off for the sea on a night cruise to nowhere, and there are single-night journeys available. It’s an excellent way of sampling life at sea before committing to full-length sailing. If you already reside near a port city, you can find out when these cruises are available and plan for some fun.

Oftentimes, one-night cruises provide lots of family activities such as shuffleboard, ping pong, foosball, and cornhole. There may be music and a dance floor along with good food and drinks.

It’s another incredible idea for getting away and doing something unique and enjoyable as a family unit.


The ideal getaway for your family doesn’t have to be expensive or hard, and can often be found within three hours of your home. That’s right; the perfect, one-night trip or two-night journey is just around the corner. It doesn’t take much planning, money, or heavy-duty packing to embark on a bite-sized break with the family. Everyone can use a reset, and it doesn’t matter how big or small your family is. Take off for a one-night trip, and make some beautiful new memories.

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