New Home Trends Becoming Popular Through Social Media

Homeowners in the modern era of social media are scouring the internet for fresh perspectives on their houses and ways to improve them. The rise in popularity of several new house styles spread across social media includes anything from kitchen remodels to bedroom makeovers. This post will discuss the three most talked-about home design concepts that recently exploded on social media. This includes movements such as biophilic architecture, smart home systems, and minimalist interior decoration.

Design with Biophilia in Mind

The practice of “biophilic design” is now popular because of its emphasis on incorporating natural elements into the interiors of buildings. Natural elements like wood, stone, and plants are emphasized in this design style to create a serene atmosphere. Biophilic design’s capacity to produce a lovely and calming setting has made it a hit on social media.

Planting Vertically

Vertical gardens are a popular approach for homeowners to incorporate biophilic architecture into their dwellings. These gardens may be mounted on a wall or in a corner, making them ideal for apartments or other tight quarters. The health advantages of vertical gardens include air purification and a decrease in stress, in addition to their aesthetic value.

Constituents of Nature

Homeowners also adopt biophilic design by using more natural materials in their dwellings. Wood may be used for everything from flooring to worktops to furniture, and Granite and marble are two common types of stone used for accents. In addition, people are using indoor plants to bring the outside in and provide a soothing environment.

The Presence of Many Windows

Big windows are all the rage because they let in plenty of natural light and make you feel more at one with nature. More and more homeowners are upgrading to homes with bigger windows to take advantage of the natural light and the breathtaking scenery outside. The room’s air quality and circulation may benefit from these windows’ design.

Technology for the Intelligent Home

Smart home technology has exploded in popularity as people explore methods to save money and time around the house. Social media has played a crucial role in developing smart home technology by presenting the most cutting-edge devices and goods.

Voice-Activated Assistants

Voice-activated assistants like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa have risen in recent years as more people adopt smart homes. These helpers respond to voice requests and let users manage their home’s lighting, climate, and media. In addition, they may provide you with hints and reminders that you might find useful.

Smart Thermostats

Homeowners concerned about their carbon footprint and utility bills have made smart thermostats a hot commodity. These thermostats may be operated remotely through a smartphone app and are also programmable to respond to changes in occupancy and time of day.

Smart Refrigerators

Smart fridges are all the rage now since they help you keep track of your food and prevent spoilage. These fridges can notify you when certain ingredients are low and recommend meals depending on what you already have. Some people have even opted to start decorating their refrigerators with refrigerator wraps to add a more personal touch of design to their kitchens. 

Interior Decoration with a Minimalist Touch

Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of minimalist interior design, which may be attributed to the unpretentiousness and functionality of the style. This style promotes the use of fewer pieces of furniture in a room so that the available space may be used more effectively.

Tone-Independent Hues

While designing with a minimalist style, it’s standard practice to restrict oneself to decorating with neutral colors like white, beige, and gray. Because of these tones, the room gives off an air of cleanliness and calmness, emphasizing the space’s other characteristics.

Furnishings with Many Uses

Convertible coffee tables, ottomans that double as storage space, and a double bed couch are all commonplace in modern minimalist homes. Because of their adaptability, these products make it feasible to make more efficient use of available space.


One of the most important principles of minimalist decor is getting rid of clutter. Homeowners are strongly encouraged to trim their belongings in their houses down to the essential requirements. This not only makes the area seem better, but it also makes people happier and more productive to work there.


Social media has changed how you communicate and decorate. Biophilic design, smart house technology, and minimalist interior design are exciting new options for homeowners, and these trends allow homeowners to create stylish, functional, and energy-efficient living spaces. When scrolling through social media, consider how you may build your ideal home.

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