8 Must-Know WordPress Tips and Tricks – 2020

Your business website needs to be competitive in the market. No doubt, WordPress happens to be one of the most popular choices when it comes to building a professional and engaging web page, either for your business or personal use. Its design and themes incorporate helpful features that allow even novices to set up websites from scratch within hours. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a WordPress web developer or not, because in this article you will get to know some latest tips and tricks that can help you in your web building process as well as afterward. 

If you are about to join the ever-expanding family of WordPress, then you need to know some amazing tips and tricks, even if you are an expert. It will make your work easier and your website more engaging. The following are the 8 tips and tricks that will help you to drive your site in a new dimension. 

1. Responsive Design: 

The latest and responsive design is like an essential element of any website. You need to prioritize responsive website designing best practices. It increases the adaptability of your website to the devices used by clients or visitors. You must choose a responsive design for your website in order to make it engaging. 

2. Importance of mobile themes: 

The tremendous use of smartphones has changed the world forever. Despite this fact, still, most of the businesses have not embraced the mobile-friendly WordPress themes for their websites. If you are one of them, make sure you can make your website mobile-friendly. 

mobile themes

3. Headers of videos: 

WordPress always presents a new default theme that new users can use upon the installation of these platforms. One of the recent themes, named “Twenty Seventeen,” supports an intriguing video header headlight. This theme can be so much beneficial for some website owners. 

4. Drag-and-drop content: 

WordPress developers don’t need to stick to utilizing a particular format anymore. Drag and drop contents are empowering developers to have complete control over the design elements without changing the underlying structure of the website. 

5. SaaS WordPress plug-ins: 

Many new plugins that were similar to software appeared as a service or SaaS. Despite WordPress being an open-source platform, these plugins are perfectly manageable. Every new website owner should at least see an overview of these SaaS plugins, especially business website owners. 

6. Grid and card designs: 

Cards are more than just a trend and happen to be outwardly appealing. For responsive systems, cards and grids have magnificent compatibility to offer. You can break the standard grid and replace it with some dazzling new outline and design. 

7. Typography ability: 

There was a time when using wonderful text styles, and typefaces used to be a trend. But now, typography abilities are moderate and provide more adaptability for users to use in their configuration table. Typography permits site owners to turn out with a reputable outline for their websites. 

8. Animations: 

Animation on mobile screens

Initially, you had to use CSS tools to create elemental animations. Now, you can simply use WordPress plugins to do that job. There are hundreds of animation plugins that you can use to make your website more engaging. These animations increase the user-experience of your website. 

Over to You 

All of the above-mentioned tips and tricks can be so beneficial for you if you can consider them using while managing your website. You can save a lot of your precious time if you follow those tips. It doesn’t matter if you can hire WordPress developer or not, because these tips and tricks can be used by even novices. 

To make your website more engaging and to increase the user experience of your website, you must understand all of the tricks that I explained in this article. If you still face any difficulty or if you want to know some more tricks, you can always contact Two Runs, web developers. They are experienced in this domain and will help you with your problems.

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