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Most Common Illnesses That Women Should Remember

Common Illnesses That Women Should Remember

Although both men and women contract various medical conditions throughout their lives, women are more prone to developing more health problems. Among the conditions present more often in women,here are the five most common ones that pose significant health risks.

Thyroid Disease

The thyroid is responsible for producing the thyroid hormone that controls many of your body’s functions, including your heartbeat rate and how quickly you can burn calories. Any diseases that affect the thyroid can make the organ make too much of the hormone (hyperthyroidism) or too little (hypothyroidism). Women are more likely to develop thyroid diseases than men, especially post-pregnancy and after menopause.

Knowing if you’re experiencing thyroid symptomscan be tricky, but health and wellness centerscan help you pinpoint if you are indeed experiencing symptoms of thyroid disease.

Heart Disease

According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading killer of both men and women, responsible for over 29% of deaths in the United States alone. Although a misconception is that males suffer from the condition more, it can affect both genders almost equally. Heart disease causes one in every five deaths among females, and one in every four deaths among males. Although more men die of the condition, women tend to be underdiagnosed, and most often realize they have the disease too late.

Common Illnesses That Women Should Remember

You can easily avoid developing heart disease by making changes in your lifestyle, including a well-balanced diet and daily exercise.

Breast Cancer

Malignancy in the breasts is the most common cancer women develop, originating from the milk ducts’ linings spreading to other organs. It’s the second leading cause of death for women, topped by lung cancer. Initially, women who have breast cancer may develop unusual lumps around their chest, and though most of these are non-life-threatening, women need to have each one checked by a physician.

Medical professionals say that the fear of breast cancer is exaggerated, stopping most women from visiting their doctors for screening. If you think you have breast cancer, there’s a lot of treatment for it, and it’s not an automatic death sentence so seek medical help immediately.

Autoimmune Diseases

Autoimmune diseases refer to several disorders that cause the person’s immune system to attack their own body. There are over 80 chronic illnesses categorized as an autoimmune disease, including lupus and type 1 diabetes. Over 75% of reported autoimmune disease cases in the United States occur in women. There’s no known cause of this disorder, but experts believe it has something to do with genetics, hormones, and the environment.

Symptoms for autoimmune diseases can be nonspecific, but the most common ones include fatigue, joint pain, skin problems, abdominal pain, and recurring fever. If you’re experiencing two or more of these symptoms, consult with your doctor immediately.


The NIH reports that over 12 million females suffer from a depressive disorder annually, whereas men have over 6 million sufferers per year. Although there’s no single cause of depression, sometimes, hormonal changes can trigger this mental disorder, especially after post-pregnancy or around the start of menopause.

To reduce the risk of depression, always find the silver lining in every aspect of your life. Be patient, and you’ll see that it was worthwhile in the end.

Besides the mentioned illnesses, women bear many other exclusive health concerns that can be fatal when left untreated. So, if you think you have the conditions listed, it’s best to consult with your physician as soon as possible regardless of your age.

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