Mobile Marketing Trends

Mobile marketing is the action to promote a product or service to users of mobile devices. To put it simply, it is an ad for a product that mobile users see.

With the development of technology, the number of users of mobile devices is constantly growing. They not only receive calls or texts, but also browsing websites, checking email, and shopping with their smartphones. Businesses are trying to move their strategies to where their consumers are. That’s why it’s hard to imagine a marketing strategy today that doesn’t include working with a mobile audience.

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It is important to understand that mobile marketing, as a promotional tool, has a number of important characteristics that distinguish it in a favorable light from other promotional channels:

1. Reach. To date, mobile communications, together with mobile Internet, have become available in absolutely every region of our country, even the most remote ones. 

2. Mass. Mobile devices are considered to be used mostly by younger people. At the same time, the elderly population is not lagging behind and also gradually getting used to modern technology.

3. Availability. Today it is hard to remember the time when very few people could afford a cell phone. Every year mobile communication devices and mobile Internet tariffs are becoming more accessible.

Marketing Trends


This trend has been popular for many years. It is now an obvious and must approach.

A detailed analysis of your customer journey

Analytics is crucial for your business. Nowadays, it is especially important to detect how different channels influence customers’ behavior.

Since customers often have several devices, you need to have an aggregated analysis of all of these channels so that you could see how things are in reality. It’s a great tool for marketers to clearly decide which channel to choose to broadcast ads.

One channel

Customers prefer brands that are more flexible with the channels they use to transmit the message. What is more, they want companies to know the history of their requests, especially when they use multiple channels.

By using mobile devices you will get a seamless transition from social media channels to online shopping. Moreover, if you want to make customer interactions more flexible, allowing customers to navigate comfortably from conversation to purchase, or conversely to easily ask a manager a question concerning some goods or services, you will need to use mobile apps.

Native advertising

Another trend in mobile advertising is the use of native advertising or product placement. That can be sponsorship, recommendations or blog posts. 

Native ads don’t typically push viewers to make an immediate impulsive decision to make a purchase. They let the user become more familiar with the brand. As a result, users are more likely to purchase a good or service later, when they see ads with a more direct call to action again.

Content initially tailored to mobile devices

As mentioned above, a significant number of purchases are made through smartphones. Naturally, it is important for brands to do everything possible to ensure that their services, sites and ads are well-optimized for mobile devices as well.

For example, most videos are now intentionally shot vertically, which is convenient to watch on the phone. As a result, users will like such videos more.

The story format is being actively used by other social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. Advertisers and marketers have taken it into account and started to publish ads in story format.

Video advertising

By all means, video is the most engaging form of marketing content now. 

Here is a number of techniques that will increase your content efficiency:

  • Make short videos. There is a constant information overload in the world and every minute of your users is priceless. There is lots of content around, but you need to make your future leads focus on yours. They will only pay attention to ads that can attract them from the very first second. A successful commercial is short, attractive, concise and memorable.
  • Stream your content. Present products, interview your team or users, interact with your audience.
  • Post videos with a button to make a purchase. A button that pops up during your video shortens the customer journey. They will be able to buy right while they watch a video.
  • Personalize your ads. Use different videos to reach different clients.
  • Add subtitles to your videos. Thus, your users will be able to understand what you are communicating about even when they cannot listen to your videos. It’ll increase the number of views.

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