Minimalist interior design: How to get the look for your bedroom

Minimalist interior design is for you if visual clutter and bulky furniture distract and stress you out. A minimalist design evokes a sense of cleanliness and function, shunning complicated elements to create a light, airy and stylish space.

Here’s how to get the look for your bedroom:

Pick a monotone colour palette 

The bedrock of minimalist design is a neutral monotone colour palette — a colour palette made up of different tints and shades of a single colour. You can then pepper in monotone furniture and décor to create stunning contrasts.

Pops of colour are optional and should only be used sparingly; colours outside your monotone palette will stand out. Reserve pops of colour for plants and organic elements to maintain balance in your bedroom design.

Here are a few example palettes:

Grey monotone

Monotone Gideon color palette

Monotone Grey Palette

Black monotone

umeeumee monotone color palette

Black Monotone Palette

Sticking to either of these will keep your minimalist bedroom design on point.

90% of walls should be white 

White is a classy, understated and modern colour that lets other interior elements like your bed and décor shine. Minimalist interiors need lots of white space because white is used as a buffer; monotone colours are overpowering without 90% white.

Painting all walls white (or choosing a textured white wallpaper) will give you a clear focus when choosing furniture and décor. You will be able to see what works and when things are too much, helping you keep your design focused.

Create a contrasting feature wall

The wall behind your bed is the best place for a feature wall. Choosing a darker colour than the rest of your white walls (such as dark grey or textured black) will create a focal point in your bedroom and give you an instant minimalist look.

Don’t be afraid to try black and dark greys – these colours are too much when used on several walls, but they are fine for a feature wall. If your bedroom is small, look at a medium grey or blue-grey to keep things lighter.

Get a minimalist bed frame

What is a minimalist bed? The first criterion is it has to be low – low beds take up less visual space and evoke a sense of lounge comfort. The second criterion is it has to be metal or wood – fabric bases like divans and ottomans don’t match the style.

Here are a few great ideas:

  • Milan Bed Company Platform Base – this bed has a contemporary black metal frame that maximises visual space.
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Pictured: Milan Bed Company 4FT 6 Double Platform Base. Available from Bedstar The Online Bed Superstore.

  • Tour Low Wooden Bed Frame – this grey wooden bed frame sits low to the floor and keeps things simple with a straight headboard.

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Pictured: Tour Low 4FT 6 Double Wooden Bed Frame – Grey. Available from Bedstar The Online Bed Superstore.

  • Olivia Wooden Bed Frame – this is our favourite minimalist bed, featuring a charcoal wooden frame and oak veneer panels for a contemporary design.
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    Pictured: Olivia 4FT 6 Double Wooden Bed Frame – Charcoal

With minimalist bedrooms, avoid bed frames that sit high and chunky bed frames like sleigh beds – the lower and more refined a bed frame is, the better.

Minimise the furniture you use

Minimalist interiors are all about airiness and open living, and your bedroom should reflect this, with minimal furniture to free up visual space.

Now, we know it can be hard to reduce furniture when you need lots of storage, but there are a few ways you can make things work:

  • Get a wardrobe with drawers (so you don’t need a chest)
  • Get a chest and put a mirror on it (so you don’t need a dressing table)
  • Get a buffet with under-seat storage
  • Pick slimmer furniture (narrower depth) and add height to retain storage

Balance straight lines and curves 

Whether it’s your bed or wardrobe, straight lines rule for minimalist design when picking furniture. Straight lines are clean and evoke a sense of utility, while curves are organic and soft; sticking to straight lines is best for minimalism. 

However, you can still incorporate circles and curves with décor and fittings. For example, globe lights, a circle rug or a circle mirror can soften a minimalist bedroom and make it less intimidating and intense. Look for ways to balance these elements.

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