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Mini Excavator Business Ideas

Mini Excavator Business Ideas

There are numerous ways that machinery that usually just sits around can be converted into revenue-generating mechanisms that would make owning and maintaining equipment or machinery such as mini excavators a profitable initiative. Many companies offer long term mini excavator rentals and utilizing this is one of the main approaches towards making money out of these amazing machines. But there are other ways that you can enhance your revenue stream using these machines and that is by offering a series of services that come in a package with these machines. Below are just some of the ways or services that any individual who owns a mini excavator could optimize his machine in terms of revenue generation

Demolition Work/ Breaking

Mini excavators usually come with hydraulic couplers that allow them to be attached with a myriad of tools that allow them to be used for a variety of tasks which includes demolition work. These machines are capable of bringing down entire homes if they are operated by the right person with the right kind of attachments. Demolition work can be easily done by these machines which actually opens up the doors to another business idea which is debris clearing. Demolition work can fetch prices based on an hourly basis and it is way much cheaper than hiring people with conventional handheld tools to do the job which is messy, costly, and dangerous.

Cleaning Work/ Debris Clearing 

Most home improvement projects will definitely gather a substantial amount of debris which will need clearing up. The debris from renovations could range from small pieces to large pieces of wood or chunks of concrete that are not easy to manage using raw manual labor and could in fact take days just for clearing up. An excavator or mini-dumper could easily take on such tasks and complete them within a period of just a few hours. The fact that these mini excavators can be used in small and confined spaces and are able to clean hard-to-reach places due to the fact that they can be configured to have an extendable arm which gives an additional 2 feet of reach which minimizes the need to reposition the machine when handling debris.

Compacting Earth

Compacting Earth

Mini excavators can also be fitted with what is generally known as a plate compactor that allows the machine to be used for dual purposes as a way to increase the ROI (return on investment). How this works is, after doing a digging task with the standard bucket, the attachment known as a plate compactor can be utilized effectively to compress soil which eliminates the need for additional workers to pack down dirt with handheld tools such as a hand tamper. This gets the job done much more effectively as these plate compactors are indeed much more powerful than the hand compactors and actually more effective in areas that are sloped. Generally, the task is completed is much less time more effectively whilst reducing the overall cost.

These are just some of the jobs that can be taken on when you rent an excavator long term from excavator hire companies. By utilizing this service. You can avoid the large debt of purchasing the machinery upfront, and upgrade to your own machines once your revenue can support the direct purchase.

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