Marketing Tactics for Realtors to Boost Social Engagement

The best real estate agents do as much online as they do offline, or sometimes even more. Social media marketing is a great way to increase your business’ online presence and sales. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter can be used to promote your company. Creating an account and page on both websites is free.   Whether you are doing real estate social marketing in Miami Beach or New York, any realtor from any country or continent can benefit from social media marketing.

As an online marketer, you should be able to reach as many people as possible and gain engagements from them. When people are talking about your posts, they appear more often in the news feeds of your friends and followers. And after that, the more you are visible, the more people will be enticed to buy your properties. So, here are some marketing tactics for realtors to boost social engagement.

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Talk about the neighbourhood

When a potential buyer is looking for a home, he or she will always consider the location of the property before buying it. So, as a realtor, you should introduce the neighbourhood to your viewers. If a new library is being built, post about it. Or, if a new mall is opening, talk about it too. Show the viewers that you know the place that you are selling.

Furthermore, talk about why these things are essential to the potential buyer. Talk about how a new library can help them with their studies, or how a new mall means that shopping for necessities is comfortable and convenient. Let the viewers feel that they want to live in a place where you are selling.

Use pictures

Whenever you post anything, always attach an image to it. Social media platforms are visual platforms. So, to get the attention of people, you need to have a professional photograph together with your post. A well-made photo shows that you are a legitimate professional.

On top of that, better photos will showcase the best angles of the properties that you are trying to sell to the potential clients. Make sure that your picture is worthy of sharing. The more likes and shares that your post gets, the more engagements and interactions there will be on your page. So, hope that you can make a post go viral.

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Allow reviews and services

Allow your followers or page visitors to review your business. If you get great reviews, then other page visitors can easily trust the legitimacy of your business. Also, you can post these reviews or testimonials on your website if you have one. So, it can benefit both your social media page and your website. Other than reviews, add a services button on your page where followers can book appointments with you. This is a great way to schedule open houses and private sessions. On top of that, there will be ease of communication between you and your followers, which means that you will have more engagements.

Use Facebook live

You can use Facebook live to show the properties that you are selling. This is an excellent way for your viewers to see the real and unedited views of the house. This can be a great way to quickly sell your properties because your viewers do not need to set up meetings just to see the house. Furthermore, using the Facebook live option can boost your social media engagements through likes and shares of your viewers.

Post listings

Post your listings on your page. But, do not overdo it. Majority of your posts should be about the neighborhood and events in the area. But, from time to time, you can post your listings. Remember that this is a social media platform, so keep your listing engaging. Post the details of the property and ask questions about the place so that your viewers can leave comments. Do not forget to use the best photo of the property to entice viewers to read your listing.

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Marketing nowadays is a continuous and complicated process. Always keep up with the trends to be attractive to people. Take advantage of social media platforms to boost your sales. Good luck!

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