Your home’s décor is an extension of your character and acts as a visual representation of your tastes and preferences. So, the style you select can be as impactful as the pieces you choose. However, beyond that, you need to remember that your use of space can be as consequential as your chosen theme.

Have you ever planned out an entire room’s décor but found yourself stumped by one corner? You may find that your preferred furniture arrangement leaves a space ‘hanging’. So, here are some stylish ideas to style an empty corner that may offer well-needed inspiration as you create functional and aesthetically-pleasing spaces.

Reading Nook

A reading nook is a perfect solution to your dilemma of finding some use for that empty corner. Furthermore, it also offers you a fantastic opportunity to create a designated space you can go to when you want to relax.

If your reading nook comes in the form of a window seat, a built-in bookshelf beside it will be the perfect book storage/display solution. This approach also holds if you opt for an armchair and stool. But whatever your preferred reading nook design, it should be a cosy space with decent lighting (especially if natural light is insufficient) that offers relaxation.

If you need some inspiration to help you create the perfect reading nook, try looking up idea boards like Pinterest. 


Scientific studies have proven that plants improve air quality and boost moods while lowering stress levels. Moreover, strategically placing a few plants is a straightforward way to fill up an empty corner- not to mention the additional benefit of bringing nature into your home.

If you are concerned about keeping up with plant care, you can opt for low-maintenance large indoor plants, including kentia palm, fiddle leaf fig and peace lily, among others. 

Console Table

While console tables are typically entryway accessories, you can use them to elevate the feel of a ‘neglected’ corner. Additionally, if you feel inspired, a console table can also provide an opportunity for creativity. Alternatively, you can create a vignette (a decorative item display arranged on a shelf or table) that offers you the chance to showcase your design prowess using various decorative accessories that you can change to reflect the season.  

Bar Station

A bar cart counts as an essential entertaining piece. But beyond that, it can look great in a corner. So, bar carts are both functional and aesthetic accessories -handy when entertaining while enhancing your home’s style.

 Select the perfect cart by first considering your home’s decor style. However, it is always best to go with vintage pieces whenever possible.

A gallery wall can amplify empty spaces effectively while creating an accent wall that creates the illusion of size. It also offers an opportunity to display your favourite pieces of artwork. However, it is best to include a few key pieces that match and reflect your room’s décor and colour palate.

When creating a gallery wall, remember to pair bold prints with more reserved artwork and choose pieces of different sizes to create interest and dimension. 

Zen Area

A ‘zen area’ can be a space for relaxation or meditation. You can style it however you wish with elements like a lounge chair, cushions, a throw (preferably from organic materials) and simple accessories in geometric shapes. When you combine these with candles, incense, subdued lighting and some uplifting quotes, you may end up with a spot that oozes positivity and allows you to release your worries. 

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are often particularly ideal for corner decorating. Their availability in various styles makes them an attractive choice. So, you can use a floor lamp to fill up a corner space and complement the room’s aesthetic.

 It is time to re-evaluate all those empty corners you have been avoiding. The above suggestions provide ample inspiration for what you can accomplish with your home’s décor.

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