Look Your Best All The Time Even When Working From Home: 5 Tips

Working from home has affected many people’s lives especially those who have only transitioned to the setup because of the coronavirus outbreak. Due to other responsibilities such as housework and answering endless emails, allotting time to look good is almost always out of the picture. There are just so many other important things to do. However, feeling good about oneself should also be a priority. It certainly is hard to stay positive amidst all uncertainties, but knowing that you are at your best self could automatically lift your mood for the rest of the day.

Looking good may be easy to comprehend, but the challenge really lies on how to go about it and keep at it. For those who aren’t used to taking care of themselves to look and feel good, it might be more complicated, which is why try to absorb the five tips below to look your best even when working from home. Before anything else, remember that looks still say something about a person. Being in a work-from-home setup is not an excuse to look unkempt. So, we hope the following helps!

Don’t glamorize busy. Any new goal or aspiration starts with a change of mindset. “There’s just too many things on my plate” is not a reason, but an excuse to not adjust or make time for yourself. All it takes is to mark your calendar and probably send a few messages. There’s always a way to make things happen if you seriously want it. Otherwise, you’ll end up consoling yourself with the “I’m busy” mindset until you become drab and gray. It’s being lazy to do something out of the ordinary. When, in fact, making yourself look good to feel good should be the norm. Therefore, reflect on yourself and do whatever it takes to achieve your ‘looks’ goals before it’s too late. 

Make it an agenda. If you’re the kind of person who can’t function without setting things up in advance, you should try looking at your pampering sessions as one of your important agenda. It’s a business deal where you’ll be the one to benefit directly. You can even put ‘busy’ on your calendar for your workmates to see if you think there’s a chance for them to bug you on your supposed day off. 

Browse through catalogs and buy pretty clothes either online or in a physical store. Discover your own style and allot a budget for it so you can have a sensible personal fashion that you can carry everywhere. Plus, it can help you stay creative. Book your favorite salon as well! Treat yourself to a nice mani-pedi and a refreshing hair spa. On normal days, you can learn how to do them yourself since there’s a ton of video tutorials online. Try giving your personal goals as much importance as your business goals. Surely, the happiness it can give you is different from receiving your salary. 

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Get fresh air. By following safety protocols and more so getting yourself vaccinated, you can finally enjoy the outdoors which could also help with your blood flow. You can get a massage, walk your pet, or simply appreciate the surroundings. Spending long hours in front of the computer everyday can make you dull and unhealthy. Furthermore, you can request or host a walking meeting with your teammates, preferably a maximum of four. This kind of meeting is slowly being normalized as everyone craves a change of scenario. If you’re still uncomfortable going out, you can still have fun by rocking an OOTD for a walking meeting inside your home. Be creative and have fun! Life’s too short to just be sitting around. 

Be health-conscious. This might be too cliché but exercising, getting enough sleep, and eating bountiful superfood will never go out of style for a person to look good. These are the fundamentals which should technically come first before anything else. Resist the temptation of eating whatever snacks available in your house every time you feel like it. You can buy the healthy sorts if you just simply love snacking from time to time. Don’t forget to also stay hydrated by having a glass of water by your side while you work. Stand up and stretch every 20 minutes or so to keep blood circulation and to give yourself a well-deserved break. Doing all these will not only make you fit but also glow because you’re taking care of yourself from inside out. 

Do what makes you happy. Think about the activities that can calm your nerves and paint a smile on your face. It could be as simple as journaling, cleaning your room, and playing with your pet. Feeling good can definitely affect how you look and the former is actually more important. Thus, don’t ignore your emotions. Rest if you must. Hang out with your friends or do anything that you think can help you recharge especially when things are getting tough. Know when you need a time out before you pass out. After all, a happy smile would be the best look one could ever pull off.

Being in a work from home setup which is considered as the “new normal” these days doesn’t normalize looking like you just woke up every single time. Keep in mind that you’re still working and thus you should look presentable. Though, working on your looks isn’t and shouldn’t be for anyone else but yourself. Looking good can lead to feeling good and vice versa. Time spent on them is certainly not wasted time.

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