Long Tail Keywords: Win at SEO and Acquire More Qualified Leads

If you opened a business website today, the next thing you’d want to do is drive traffic to your site and increase sales as a result. Now, this is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. Basically, SEO is an unpaid form of generating traffic on search engines through the use of searchable keywords and engaging web content. Every business or company website has a “blog” section.

The blog section is not just there because they want you to read it; it is also there to generate traffic via the keywords in the articles. Of all the types of keywords,  long-tail keywords are the most valuable. Any search phrase with three to four words is considered a long-tail keyword. Because people use a series of words to search for things on search engines, long keywords are more likely to generate traffic. However, the following are some of the reasons why long-tail keywords can help you get qualified leads.

1. Less Competition: 

There are over a million other businesses that sell a product similar to what you sell. For example, if you sell vintage Toyotas cars, your website may not appear when someone searches “cars” on search engines. Because so many people do the same thing as you, finding you with a short-tail keyword becomes difficult. However, because the search phrase “where to buy classic Toyota cars” is more specific, your website is more likely to appear as one of the top three classic Toyota car sellers. You can optimize your website’s content for visibility when people conduct specific searches by using long-tail keywords. You can fine-tune your keyword based on the specific item you sell or the service you provide. This reduces competition and makes it easier for people to find you and your product.

2. Attract Qualified Searchers: 

If you are less concerned about the number of visitors to your site and more interested in making sales, then using long-tail keywords is a must. Long tail keywords help you attract qualified searchers. This means that people who find your website already know what they want, and they will most likely make a purchase. Going by the previous example, most people who make specific searches on Google do so because they want to make a purchase. A person who wants to read about classic cars would probably search for “90’s cars” or “classic cars,” while someone who wants to buy one will be more specific about what they want. Using keywords requires careful consideration. You will need the assistance of a professional SEO consulting service if you want to generate more qualified leads. These SEO experts will assist you with SEO keyword research to determine what will work best for your brand and generate revenue.

3. Personalize Your Content: 

Long-tail keywords can be used to personalize your content. Because the main keyword is focused on what you do, you can fine-tune it to discuss your business strategy. A keyword like “classic Toyota cars in Atlanta,” for example, will inform your visitor that you are in Atlanta. It may also show them how to locate you. You can take advantage of it by creating a variety of content that discusses the type of service you offer and how potential clients can find you. If this marketing strategy works for you, you won’t have to spend as much money on other forms of product promotion.

4. Advantages to New Websites: 

Long-tail keywords can help you rank on Google whether your business website is old or new. Google normally ranks more well-known web pages based on their authority, trust, relevance, and the number of other pages that link to them. Google believes that a webpage will only receive many backlinks if it has excellent content. As a result, they rank them automatically. Long tail keywords, on the other hand, can help you rank your website and increase your conversion rate without requiring much off-page optimization.

5. Favors Short Contents: 

Another advantage of long tail keywords is that it doesn’t matter the size of your content; you will rank when people search for your business. Usually, Google favors longer content over short content. It believes that content between 1500-4000 words has all the details to help people solve their search problems. However, because of the direct and specific nature of long-tail keywords, they can reach your target audience regardless of the word count of your content. Now that you know the advantages of long-tail keywords to your business, get that “blog” section working. 

Many businesses are unaware of the benefits of creating valuable content for their websites. While many people have written blog posts, others have done so incorrectly. It’s not about the content on your website as a business looking to generate traffic; it’s about the conversion rate. As a result, use long-tail keywords today. Remember that to optimize your website; you will need to hire an expert SEO consulting service.

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