Learning about the Best Airports in the United States

There have been numerous trends that have pervaded the 21st century, and understanding these facets will enable you to recognize how the future of the world will look. One of the major trends of the modern era has been the increase in global and domestic travel, and a large portion of this travel is done by air. Air travel has been increasing in recent years, and airports are noticing this, so they are making significant improvements throughout the world.

While numerous nations have extremely impressive airports, the United States is one of the leaders of top airports throughout the world. Understanding the benefits of these myriad excellent airports will allow you to improve your knowledge of air travel and could perhaps aid you in booking your next trip! Learning about the top airports in the USA is incredibly useful and will make you more knowledgeable on this topic of expanding air travel. 

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport

Many of the United States’ top cities have become hubs for travel due to their impressive tourist attractions, and New Orleans is a city that has had a major influx of visitors in recent years. Because of the major increase of travel to the Big Easy, the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport has grown to be one of the top airports in the southern USA. Southwest Airlines utilizes this airport as a major hub and has certainly expanded the traffic that comes into this airport. Along with this increase, there have been major renovations including the opening of a brand-new terminal. 

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Travel to the state of Texas has increased significantly in recent years, and this has led one of the Lone Star State’s major cities, Dallas-Fort Worth, to create a top-tier airport. The Dallas-Fort Worth International airport has grown to become one of the top airports in Texas by implementing new technologies like facial recognition software to promote safety and ‘smart glass’ to help regulate temperature and the amount of sunlight allowed into the airports’ terminals. Another excellent new benefit is the DFW airport parking service that aids passengers to park their cars faster and more effectually. 

Philadelphia International Airport

Pennsylvania has grown to be one of the top states throughout the nation in the past two decades, and as it has grown, it has become evident that the largest city, Philadelphia, is growing into a major tourism hub. Philadelphia has taken notice, and has built up its airport to have a myriad of infrastructure projects that help with airfield terminal maintenance as well as the construction of a new air traffic control tower. These improvements have been quite expensive (close to a billion dollars!) but will help to grow this airport into a destination of the future.

Final Thoughts

Air travel is increasing all over the United States, and as this industry continues to grow, it has become evident how important it is to our modern society. Learning about the top airports throughout the USA is important and having this knowledge will make you a more well-rounded traveler. 

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