6 latest web trends designers should follow while building an effective WordPress site

The popularity of WordPress as a hosting platform has put the onus on developers to stay on top of various trends that can be used to boost a WordPress website. However, most of these trends do not see the light of the day because of implementation constraints or different business needs.

Having said that there are some trends worth mentioning that are in vogue with the current business requirements. Moreover, they don’t even need as much time to implement. This writeup aims to tell you about some of the best trends a web designer ought to follow when it comes to building a WordPress website. So going ahead, if your clients ask you about WordPress hosting or how you can better their WordPress website, here is what you can put into your action plan:

1. Deploying REST API

Web designers find it challenging to build a wordpress hosting website that is quick and takes less time for APIs to retrieve data. Page load time is an important aspect of the website which is why web designers are using RESTful (Representational State Transfer) to shorten the duration to fetch data from websites. This is what REST API does: instead of fetching information from the website, it prioritizes on disintegrating the sequence or structure of information and presents it without having to depend on any resources or methods. This allows REST to handle various calls and return different data formats. With a faster page load time due to RESTful API, there is a high probability that your WordPress website will receive an SEO boost.

2. Installing micro-interactions

There are many ways of enhancing your website’s user experience. One such way is installing microinteractions. Microinteractions are nothing but minute interactive elements added to WordPress websites. These elements make WordPress websites much more interactive, leading to high engagement and longer sessions on the website. The most likely outcome of this is that it can affect the conversion rate on your website. This rare trend has started picking up quickly within the developer community since it is touted to be a gamechanger when it comes to interactivity for websites.

3. Module based themes

Integrating advanced functions is possible if one includes different modules in the website. This exercise allows one to take user experience to a whole new level. Moreover, the drag and drop feature of WordPress websites makes the whole experience even better. Having said that, modules add a certain element of robustness to the entire canvas of your theme. It makes the website less clunky and enhances navigation of the website.

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4. Drag and Drop content

The drag and drop feature provided by WordPress has made life for professionals without technical skills, a complete cakewalk. A drag and drop feature allows you to not just get your website up and ready in no time but also allows you to maneuver the website easily. This benefit tells us why WordPress is considered by developers and marketers worldwide.

5. Including adaptive images

Since more users have been turning to mobile devices for browsing the web, it is critical that developers make websites mobile responsive. Hence, using adaptive images has become vital. Today, developers no longer have to depend on shutterstock and photo-library to choose and upload an image into websites having multiple folds. There is a huge probability that the image created by these stock photo libraries may not comply with different devices. Which is why, turning to adaptive images is a must.

6. Use of single page websites

The simpler your website is the more effect it has on the users. A single page website is the perfect choice when you want to take the classic route staying simple. With single page websites, brands can harp on single minded proposition to promote their business. So, going ahead, bear in mind that if you want to give your clients something simple yet effective, think of single page websites.

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We believe that you will be able to leverage these trends and make the most out of them to transform your client’s WordPress hosted website. Also, one needs to understand that these trends may not necessarily work like firecrackers together. Some may work well in silo with a particular theme or in a combination. We assume that this decision can be left best to you after you experiment with these trends.

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