Moving With Latest SEO Trends and techniques 2017

As we leave 2016 and move on to 2017, SEO is developing continuously. New trends and Speculation have begun out developing and its right time to assess the possible trends. SEO market is transforming in the autonomy of Google as a premium Search Engine.

If someone looking into rank his/her page, that simply means more updates and standards are coming in the upcoming year. According to the current scenario the SEO trends and techniques which are likely to gain more popularity this year are listed below.. So have a look and start using…

1) AMP become the favorite

A mobile phone is the newest way of accessing Search engines. Google, yahoo, and various other search engines identify this. Thus, that site which moved over to AMP protocol has already gained fame on Google indexing. Generally, sites which take 8-10 second in loading time received the least traffic and show most bounce rate.

However, if this period time will be 2-3 second then user tends to act more patience and wait around. With AMP, Google only makes the content first important criterion 2017.

2) Social Content Come Up as New SEO Strategy

Have you notice that whenever we search a company name then mostly it Facebook and twitter page come in first two options. This clearly defines that user more towards social contents comparing to the website content.

According to the latest scenario, this comes up as a new ranking technique in coming days. So it is better for the companies that along with their website SEO factors also concentrate more on their social post this will definitely enhance your opportunity level of topping the chart.

3) HTTPS emerges as a Web Standard

It is a protocol that certifies website remain secure by executing another protocol when a page is requested across the internet. For the users on chrome v56, Google security blog has signified that user will see a non-secure sign at the end of January 2017.

This protocol not only provides safety from hackers but also becomes the needs for retrieving resources for display the page more promptly for the web standards that enhance video, website and app performance like progressive web apps or HTTP/2. Be assures that you install right type of SSL certificates on the server for transferring all internal/external links.

4) Long Form Content would Cease To Be Attractive

Search engines also focused on information factor to index website. Though we all know that factor that content will always remain the king. Now SEO based content also growing to continue. As per the latest concept, now content needs keywords in place of keyword stuffing that was previously established.

Instead of keyword usage, content which works will focus more on rich information without aiming at the length. So this day it is very essential to attain SEO standard contents that mainly based on the keyword research that you can carry out.

5) Investigating the Content

This step requires proper mindset and time. For that, you have to search the original information that brings users to your website. So first assess yourself and keep in mind that what take you to the various website when you required information. Generally, everyone preferred a website that provides solution our question.  Have a glance at your user in the same way.

6) Determine Voice Search

Various companies investing seriously in higher execution and proceeding ideas around “voice search” features. iOS and Android have voice search feature but sometimes this option fails to understand the person’s accent and present undesirable results.

It is a fast and futuristic option that changes to be the fastest search option. After that technology company is put more concentration on developing voice understanding system, so it can search engine identify and present actual results.

SEO is a huge concept then our imagination. As we above discussed, these are a few trends that will largely dominate in 2017. So the SEO planners will require the things update to maintain the time and ranking to match with the upcoming trends.

| About the Guest Author:

Ashley Marsh is an analytical and versatile Content Writer at Radius Inbound – SEO Company Seattle. I have over 4 years of Content writing experience on the topics related to latest Technologies.

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