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Every Year, SEO always comes up with new Strategy or Techniques that will help your website to excel with others. Search Engine Optimization is known as the bread and butter in an online marketing strategy. Although SEO is a common strategy in the Digital Marketing industry, many business owners use the SEO strategy to be on the Top rank in Search Engine Result Page (Page).

It is really important for every business owner to excel from the others. In Online Marketing, It is not about the Quantity but it is all about the Quality that you have. It is not about the competition but it’s all about the result that you will get.

SEO is getting popular especially to the Business owner. It doesn’t matter how big or small your businesses are, As long as that it will help you to sustain the needs of your loved ones then I don’t see any problem on that. Since SEO strategy is making a name in different countries, Many Freelancers got interested in this and exert an effort to know and learn this strategy.

SEO in the Philippines is creating a name in Online Marketing; do you know that Clients from other country hired Filipino to handle the SEO of their website? Yes, you heard it right. Filipino is known as a Hardworking person and they are very competitive when it comes to working. Plus, you will get the best result in SEO with a Budget-friendly price. That’s why Business owner from another country choose to hire a Filipino.

If you are a beginner in this field then it’s a great choice that you are reading this article. I will give you some latest tips in SEO this 2019:

1. Mobile- Indexing Strategy.

Majority of internet users nowadays are using mobile. That’s why Google introduce mobile –first indexing. In this strategy, it only means that Google will broadly use the mobile version of the content for ranking and indexing. Way back from the past, the user only used the desktop version to search what they are looking for. Now, it’s very easy to access Google via a mobile device. This strategy will help you to gain ranking in search engine. If you are thinking that it will affect your traditional SEO technique then you don’t need to worry because traditional techniques will still work you just need to implement it properly.

2. Choose a suitable keyword.

One of the reasons why your site is not ranking is because of the keyword that you used. Choosing the right keyword will help you in many aspects. In choosing a suitable keyword for your website, you need to think like a customer. It is important to identify your target audience to create an initial list of keywords.

Choosing the right keyword is important to increase the ranking of your site. Because if you don’t know what people are looking for then it will be hard for you to target them. Maybe that’s the reason why your site is not ranking well, but remember that there’s always a beginning for everyone who does not afraid of failure.

3. Develop a creative UI/UX design

If you do not have an Idea in UI and UX design then I will give you some short information about it. UI was known as User Interface which focuses on the look and the layout of a website. UX design or User Experience will focus on how it will work and how people will interact on it. In Improving the UI and UX design is one of the important strategies this 2019. You should try to develop a creative UI and UX design for your website to gain more viewers.

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In conclusion, before the year-end, Online Marketers are begun to wrap their Marketing campaigns and set a new goal every year that started. It is really important to set your goals before starting a year. Whatever Happens in the past year, leave it. In SEO, It is better to start again than to continue your failures each year. Above here are the 3 simple tips in SEO 2019. Through these simple tips, it will help your website or your business to gain potential customer and it will help you to increase your ranking rate in the search engine.

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