4 Job Recruitment Innovations in Online Markets

The digital age brought upon us by the advance of technology has managed to shape all the important aspects of daily life. New jobs were created while old ones disappeared, and with them so did traditional recruitment strategy. The new year will be one of even more accentuated innovation on this front.

The Job Recruitment Innovations

When speaking of what the last few years improved as far as professions are concerned, there is a lot of being said about it, even when you narrow it down to just technology. Here are four amazing job recruitment innovations in online markets. 

1. Online Databases

The online recruitment process of potential job candidates is becoming more innovative by the second. The most important milestone in this area is surely represented by websites dedicated to job listings and resume-building, but online databases are quickly becoming equally sought-after. But what are they exactly?

Simply put, these sites are basically compendiums of all the major companies you can work for and everything there is to know about it. Such a website offers any information you might possibly need, from historical timelines and interviews with past employees to detailed instructions on how to file a McState application online.

Thus, at their core, they can be described as the Wikipedia of jobs. More and more young people looking to join the workforce benefit from them because they can find everything they will ever need in just one place. This makes them not only valuable but also accessible, which is an important quality in the digital age. 

4 Job Recruitment Innovations in Online Markets

2. Automated CV Screening

It’s no secret that most of the people who apply for a position at any given time are severely underqualified for it and won’t make the cut. In fact, this happens as often as 75% of the time. Thus, another important improvement brought along by current technology available in the online medium is automated resume screening software.

By using an interface based on machine learning, these programs are able to do most of the hard work and exclude anyone who isn’t fit for a job quite rapidly. It manages this by constantly teaching itself thorough repeated data analysis. Thus, it might even become more effective than human screening soon enough.

3. Company Branding

In the digital age, everything needs to be packaged and sold online as a product through clever marketing strategies and on-trend approaches. This has come to include companies as well. Your branding as an employer is more important than ever because the savviest candidates now know how to evaluate a position and those who offer it before considering it.

A company’s brand is thus a fully immersive experience delivered via the online market that encompasses everything from history and values to job listings and beyond. Young workers are more attracted by a good PR strategy than they are by cold, hard facts, which is both fortunate and unfortunate at the same time.

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One the one hand, a smart campaign can take you further than any other recruitment tool. But this also means that companies which insist on preserving their traditional values might have a lot to lose soon enough, especially in select fields which are known to attract today’s college graduates, such as IT, advertising and even the food industry.

4. Virtual Reality

More and more companies are using virtual reality for recruitment purposes nowadays. Both innovation-driven firms such as and canonically serious groups such as the British Army have embraced the power of VR and now use it to give potential applicants a small taste of what working among them feels like.

Other internationally renowned companies have gone even further, incorporating today’s virtual reality trends with pop culture landmarks in creating exciting and unique game-based recruiting campaigns to draw in the bright young minds of the Facebook generation. One such example is that of Jaguar, who teamed up with virtual band Gorillaz.

Together, they crafted a unique way to draw in prospective employees. While skeptics were critical of this approach, it still managed to be a booming success, and it now stands as an example worth following. Technology is more prolific than ever before and employers need to know how to use it to their advantage.


The world has come a long way in 2017 as far as recruitment technologies are concerned, and this growth will carry on well into 2018. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future has in store for all of us.

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