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Jakarta- The Land Of Thousand Islands

Jakarta- The Land Of Thousand Islands

Jakarta, situated at the northwest on the island of Java, is the most significant metropolitan and capital of Indonesia. Jakarta is the economic hub, political, cultural epicenter, and most inhabited city of Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Despite the heavy snarling traffic, city life is pulsating and exciting. The nightlife is daring, and shopping malls are vibrant. The city is warm and cordial, and the alliance of different Indonesian culture and traditions. The horizon of this modern metropolitan is a fusion of Dutch and contemporary architecture. The city bears reminiscence of the Dutch era.

Hotels in Jakarta

Once you step out of the city’s airport, you will be greeted by warm, gracious, cooperative native people. But beware of the notorious minibus and cab drivers. Jakarta being an infusion point will face different people with different characteristics. If you want to plank in the heart of the city, choose a hotel Jakarta in the center of it. You will find many 4 star hotels in this area, only fifteen minutes’ walk from Jakarta City Hall and the National Library. These hotels feature complimentary Wi-Fi and fitness centers. The rooms are exclusively decorated with all modern gadgets and amenities. If you want to buy some authentic Indonesian crafts, souvenirs, and attire, visit Sarinah shopping center.

If you want to taste the Dutch culture, visit Jakarta’s Old Town of Batavia, where you will find buildings with Dutch architecture, museums like; History Museum and Maritime Museum. The roads are planned with many cafes and eateries. This area comprises of only 1.3 sq kilometers, which was once a predominant business and administrative center. The streets are sprinkled with colonial buildings, well upkeep, and maintained, which reminds you of the Dutch regime.

Kepulauan Serbu- explore the unexplored

Kepulauan Serbu (Thousand Islands) is located on the northeast coast of Jakarta. Though the name is Thousand Islands, there are 32 islands clustered over an area of 45 kilometers. You are permitted to visit on 36 islands, but factually you can land only on thirteen islands, and two are declared as National Park. Kepulauan Serbu offers many scuba diving opportunities, wildlife photography, bird watching, and many more adventure sports. The Flora and fauna of this region is unique, and you will be amazed to by it. You can try fishing with the help of local anglers; it would be a joyous experience.

Special permission from the government of Indonesia is not required to visit this region. But booking with any resorts of Kepulauan Serbu is requisite for the journey from city to these islands. Palau Bidadari is the nearest island of the town of Jakarta, just 10 kilometers in the waterway. You can walk along the coast to feel the place’s authentic vibe; within ten minutes, you cover the whole area. You can rent a bicycle on an hourly basis, but it is advisable to explore the beautiful surroundings on foot. All islands are accessed through boats. The majestic sunrise and sunset will leave a permanent imprint in the film of your memory and will wish to revisit this place.


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