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Is theming in Slot Machines Online Important?

Slot Machines Online

Online casino games are usually grouped into the following categories: slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker and casino poker. These categories have given software providers the ability to create hundreds of games simply by introducing variations. Looking closely, you’ll notice that all categories except slots have variations introduced by tweaking the rule. What is seen on the screen remains largely the same.

But, the game of slot is a completely different game. Each online slot boasts of its own unique theme, completely different from others. This is one reason approximately 80 percent of games on a casino’s homepage are slots offering 500 free spins. The same applies to land based casinos, too – slots are very popular amongst players, and themes get the credit for this.

Importance of Theming in Slot Machine

The theme of slots is an important factor that goes beyond appearance. Many movie enthusiasts love crime movies, while others love romantic and action movies. Some are fans of Game of Thrones, while others go for serious nonfiction. In the same vein, different players have different preference and move towards slots with themes matching their tastes, temperament and preferences.

For this particular reason, many software producers in the gambling industry strive to create a niche market for various slots. The major drive force of slots is the popular themes on which they are based. This is one of the reasons game software developers work very hard on marketing.

How Does Online Slot Theme Work 

 The dream of every player is to win a life-changing jackpot. To fuel such dreams, slot games use themes that represent the rich’s lifestyle. Slots like Millionaires Club by Cryptologic, Scoop the Cash by Microgaming and Stinking Rich by IGT all have a common theme.

Slot providers also use the adventure theme to attract players. Games with Egyptian pyramids, pirates’ treasures and space adventures are often seen at casinos.

Most software companies are particular about the symbols that are displayed on the reels. These symbols mirror aspects of the chosen theme & reflect in the scatters and wild symbols. For example, a pirate adventure-themed slot will feature symbols like Jolly Roger, canons, pirates, cutlasses and ships.

Features That Enhance the Gaming Experience

Software developers incorporate certain features in the games to enhance players gaming experience. Some of the features are explained below.

1.      Bonus Games: Bonus games usually feature on the second screen. During the bonus games, the reels disappear and are replaced with a new screen. This reinforces the theme and makes it an ideal vehicle of cool perks for players. For instance, in the popular slot, The Tomb Raider, developed by Microgaming, there is a 2nd screen that takes you on an adventure to an idol filled cavern. The game requires you to pick some of the idols and win bonus points.

2.      Background: This improves the theme’s dynamics. Background plays a vital role as it is the game’s visible part.

3.      Animation: This also improves the thematic value of the slots.


Themes are a vital part of slot games. With it, players are guaranteed maximum entertainment because each slot has its own unique theme. Whether you are a fan of adventure-themed slots, movie-themed slot or TV series slot, there is something for every player.

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