Is the Gamble Feature in Slots worth using? 

Not all slot gaming features are used by the gambling public. Some gamers at stick to the basics without experimenting. However, some games and very popular ones at that, have features such as auto-play buttons, pay-line adjustable buttons, bonus buy features, and gamble features, that all remain under used. 

Controversial Slot Features Explained

Three of the four features above have recently become endangered species. The UK Gambling Commission has restricted the bonus buying feature which is a relatively new addition to slot games. Here, players can choose to buy a bonus instead of waiting for it to drop naturally during the base game. It does come at a hefty price which has set alarm bells ringing amongst gambling law enforcement bodies because to buy a bonus, some games ask customers to pay 60x their original stake. 

The auto-play feature has become controversial because it is thought that gamblers lose control of their spending when they activate this feature. The auto-play spins slots automatically and is programmed by players. Here the number of spins can be set, the stake and a loss limit can also be applied. 

The gamble feature is an older feature on slots, and the purpose of this is that it gives players the chance to double their winnings from successful bonuses, or standard base game winning slot spins. The format of the game is a simple one, all players must do is successfully guess the colour of a card face flip. Guessing correctly doubles the amount that is laid on the line, guessing incorrectly, returns the cash to the house. 

Risk and Rewards 

The gamble feature gives players a 50/50 chance of making more cash without having to hit a bonus of continuous winning spins. It is a shortcut to big rewards that can increase player bankrolls in seconds. The downside is that a lot of cash can be lost in a matter of seconds as well. 

When to Use the Gamble Feature 

The gamble feature should be seen as something of a novelty and only used sparingly when slot spinners have a healthy bankroll. For the high rollers amongst us who can afford to lose large amounts of cash, this feature adds extra thrills to slot games. What isn’t advisable is to be tempted to play a second round of red or black. If anyone is lucky enough to double their money, it’s best to then take the money and run. 

The Future of The Gamble Feature 

The days of the gamble feature on slots are numbered and this is mainly down to the view that the gamble feature encourages irresponsible gambling. This is the total opposite to the responsible gambling message that is being enforced by the UK Gambling Commission and the gambling industry in general. This means that its days are numbered, and it will soon become a feature of the past if the UK Gambling Commission acts and bans it from slots completely. It is thought that this will happen soon, so use it sensibly before the gamble feature disappears forever.

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