Infographic – Everything to Know About Email Encryption

Everything You Need to Know About Email Encryption Introduction Email encryption is an easy way to securely send information online and helps maintain cyber security for the sender and recipient. In recent years, email encryption has become common practice when sending pertinent information online, and the process behind it has become easier for both the sender and recipient. Using a program, the sender’s message becomes scrambled, and the recipient must use the program to unscramble the message.

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This prevents other parties from seeing the message which could lead to cyber attacks or companies using or selling data. By using email encryption, information for both the sender and recipient are protected at every step of the process. In today’s age, email encryption should be the first thought when you send confidential information through email so before sending your next email with pertinent information, take the time to research and invest in email encryption.

Infographic - Everything to Know About Email Encryption
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