[Infographic] A brief history of video technology

The history of video technology is an interesting one. Here’s a bit of trivia for you: the first ever movie was made way back in 1878, although this consisted of black and white pictures shown one after another in stop motion style. There was no sound and no color, it was nothing fancy, and yet it heralded a new age for the film and television industry.

By 1889, the first motion picture was created by Thomas Edison. The popularity of motion picture films grew throughout the early 1900s and by the 1930s, attending movies became a weekly routine for more than half of the US population.

In the 80 years since video technology has developed from black and white to color films and from large screens and theatres to household television sets. Flat screens have become the new standard and handheld devices such as tablets and cellular phones are increasingly popular alternatives for watching television everywhere you go.

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The infographic from Userful below gives a fun and informative overview of the history of video technology and how it has developed since the early 1900s. As you read through it, enjoy reminiscing about a simpler time and try to imagine what the future of video technology holds in store.

[Infographic] A brief history of video technology

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