Top 4 Influential Factors That You Must Consider When Developing a Mobile App

Is an App a promising idea for any business? One of the frequently asked questions of entrepreneurs.

According to Statisca 2018 report, there are over 3.5 billion unique mobile internet users. On average, users spend 69% of their time on the smartphones. So, it’s no longer update that there is an app for everything.

But why your business needs a mobile app? Is it just to compete with other marketers or will it carter the real problem. Your answer will decide your app will be a hit or not.

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Introducing a mobile app into your marketing plan is a big decision. So, to make it successful, you need to think of all the important aspects of mobile app development strategy. Here are a few points that you must consider:

1. Prioritize on The Goals

When developing an app, you must examine your organizational goals. With a definite goal like, building customer loyalty or enabling greater customer-service, you will be able to understand who is your target audience. To prioritize your goal, you can look for your competitors’ activities to gain insights of user experience and how can you make it better.

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2. Validate Your Idea

Validation is essential to prove the demand exists for your app or not. You can take surveys, conduct polls on social media channels and use Google keyword planner tool which helps you understand what exactly customers want. Also, if you go to reliable Android App Developers or iPhone App Development Company, they can save much of your time and give you an expert advice on various points like,

  • Describes how your products look for onlookers 
  • Helps to find inconsistencies 
  • Discuss how your app can underpin customer’s problems 
  • Evaluate monetization strategy

Once you have a complete understanding of your product, you can move to the next step.

3. Choose the Platform Wisely

When you have validated the app idea, now you need to know which platform to choose and why. Developing a high-quality app that attracts customer attraction quickly is a challenging task. However, it is recommended to build for one platform first and then expand its market. Both Android and iOS have its pros and cons, Android platform helps you reach wider audience whereas Apple’s audience is more engaged. Depending on your goal, you can pick which platform is the best for you to start with.

4. Know Your Monetization Options

Generating revenue from the app is not the obvious one. Some develop to serve as an informational resource for your audience or some to increase brand’s reach. So, decide what role your app play in your business model. Few of app monetization models are:

  1. Freemium apps: In this apps are free to download but certain features can be accessed after purchase 
  2. Premium apps: Apps need to be purchased by the users. However, because of the cost barrier, your app must offer superior value as compared to free apps to generate value from your app 
  3. Subscriptions: Like freemium apps, but brings a benefit of a recurring stream of revenue 


These steps are not inviolable, but a guideline to develop a successful app in an effective way. A bulletproof strategy not only saves you from investing in the wrong product but also helps in positioning the app in the marketplace to generate great ROI for the business. With right development skills and experience, a renowned Mobile App Development Company can give a great starting to your project. So, before selecting the company do a bit of market research to achieve the best business results.

| About the Guest Author:

Mark Tedson is a Senior Technical Writer at Clavax, a leading IT consulting firm for Web and Mobile app development in San Jose, California.

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