Indonesia is the Next King in eCommerce, Will It Come True?

Experts stated that, Indonesia will not be the next China in the e-commerce. China and its e-commerce industry is inseparable due to its nature in business from the history. Instead of saying it has the potential to grow, the right term to describe China is it the one that leads the business ecosystem.

The experts added, Indonesia’s revenue in e-commerce is estimated only US$20 billion by 2020, while China will gain US$1 trillion. So, they assume that Indonesia will not be like China even these two countries look similar in terms of populations and industry. But, is it true?
Indonesia is the Next King in eCommerce

Some thought that Indonesia can be like an e-commerce in China. They said that, Indonesia has the similar current e-commerce market with China’s online marketplace. They use all the media that they can such as social media to spread out the information. They then give several reasons why they said Indonesia is the next biggest e-commerce market.

To know either Indonesia can be the king in e-commerce or not, below are some explanations:

Indonesia is the biggest Online Shopping Hub in Southeast Asia

In 2015, there were 28 popular online shopping websites in Indonesia. And now in 2017, the number of online shopping websites is increasing year by year. You can see how Indonesia is known as the biggest online shopping hub. They have many sites of online shopping such as Lazada, MatahariMall and others.

This is because of the huge number of population, and the number of internet users in Indonesia. In Indonesia alone, 100 million of the population are the internet users. And it was dominating the 40% of their population. So, that’s why many of the sellers using the internet and create online shopping page at the social network or by using Lazada to sell their products. With this number of internet users, Indonesia can gain high revenue by using online shopping in Southeast Asia.

Indonesia eCommerce facts

More payment options in Indonesia

Due to the lack of trust from customer when using debit card and credit card when making payments, Indonesia gives more payment options to the customers. They provided ATM transfer and cash on delivery for their customers. This is for the customer who are lack of trust to give their personal information to the third parties and etc. 62% of the citizens are fear of financial fraud on the internet.

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It’s quite high and will make the e-commerce in Indonesia to slowly decline, if they do not take any action to overcome the problem. iPayMu and PonselPay are some of the payment options that e-commerce in Indonesia are looking for.


As a conclusion, we can say that Indonesia can be the king of e-commerce. But, they need to know their biggest competitor such as China. Indonesia and China are similar in terms of industry, populations and others. They were the top three for having a huge population. 

Indonesia eCommerce
If Indonesia wants to be a king, they should focus more and try to have a good and functioning player in e-commerce. Indonesia has the path ready to be the best e-commerce in Southeast Asia, if they are consistent, they can be the king of e-commerce just like China.

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