Important Tips To Keep In Mind For Kitchen Cabinet Refacing St Charles

 Kitchen cabinet refacing is a way to keep the cost of your renovation or instead of taking out the old cabinets and putting brand new cabinets, you will only require to get the right paint and your cabinets will appear as good as new. For Fresh Faced Cabinets this sounds like a simple project, but if you want it to work, there are some do’s and don’ts that are to be kept in mind. 

Your kitchen is the place that should look great, it is the room where you spend a maximum of your time at home, so it is important to make sure that you select a scheme that works for you. You may get online ideas or ideas from magazines and also from family and friends whose kitchens you admire

Before you begin to take off your cabinets you should make a scheme on paper to see what your finished kitchen will look like. Below are mentioned some tips for your guidance.

● Renovated kitchen cabinets

One way to be sure that your renovated kitchen cabinets match with the rest of the decor is to select the right colors. Today, the colors that you can select from are limitless but you should be sure that whatsoever you choose must help the rest of the kitchen stand out.

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● Make sure that you select the right type of paint for your cabinets.

All kinds of paint are not meant for wood. If you choose a paint that is very thin, it will seep into the wood and you will need to apply many layers before you can get the required effect. If you choose a paint that is very thick then you will get a paste-like finish. There are certain brands of paint that are used on cabinets so you should research before you purchase.

● Before you paint the doors,

You have to remove them from your kitchen cabinets. It will allow for a thorough job and you will be able to keep the paint off hinges. The cabinet knobs should also be taken off because if you get paint on them then you will have to replace them.

● Remember the drawers always.

Kitchen cabinet refacing painting project needs that you redo your drawers to match. Before repainting, the drawers should be removed. To make sure that everything goes back in the right place once it is done, you have to label each drawer and cabinet door.

● Protect the surfaces by using plastic sheets or an old bedsheet.

Everything that is on the counter should be kept away below the cabinets. The containers can be packed in boxes to get them out of the way while you are working. You should also cover your floors to avoid costly paint damage. 

● Proper place to cook meals

A number of people start renovating their kitchens just to realize that they do not have a proper place to cook meals while they work. You should have space in the home where everyone can grab a meal when they are hungry. You should be sure to set up important appliances like the coffee maker, water jug, and kettle.


You have to find someone to help you. By now you must have gathered that kitchen cabinet refacing painting is not very easy. The doors, drawers, cover counters are to be removed, you have to pack away kitchen items and more. You need to find someone to help you with some of the jobs. This will help to remove things faster.

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