Importance of Sustainable Energy in Current Ecosystem

When it comes to humans then we have done nothing less than wonders all around the world. We are making use of the resources that we have been provided by the environment in the best possible way. Not all the resources are consumed efficiently some of them are rather getting depleted day by day and our future generation wouldn’t be able to enjoy it in the same way as we do. One of the most important resource energy. Energy is further divided into sustainable and non-sustainable ones. 

Sustainable ones – These are the sources of energy which use to fulfill the demand of today without putting the coming future into danger. Even Douglas Healy, legal attorney, once claimed that the companies who’s working on this type of energy is going to dominate the energy market in the future. This type of energy could be used again and again.

For example – Energy produced by Sun 

Sun will never stop giving the sunlight and the heat that is produced by it will help wind to flow. Now Sun has alone provided two sustainable sources of energy. One is the solar plant model, using the wind turbines to get the energy and even the tides.

In the solar plant the costing comes out to be for the fitting and Maintenance of the solar plant rest you enjoy free electricity without putting the environment at risk. 

Wind turbines can always be used as not all the areas have the same air pressure some areas do hold the good speed of the wind and the energy produced by it can always good as it will not harm the environment. 

Tides are also so, the thing that will continue happening. The movement of earth, moon, and sun will not stop neither the tides will stop coming. If we collide the molecules of water strongly then energy could be produced. Similarly, for the production of a high amount of electricity, a large number of water molecules can be allowed to have collided.

Non Sustainable Sources of Energy 

Non-sustainable sources of energy are the sources that provide harm to the environment and once they are depleted from the environment then they can never be brought into existence. 

Examples for non-sustainable sources of energy 

Fossil fuels 

Fossil fuels are easy to extract and are not expensive but the rate at which the usage is increasing day by day the chances of them getting depleted is high. The formation of fossil fuels is also very difficult. As it takes millions of years to form fossil fuels and that too in extreme heat and pressure. All these things couldn’t be provided in the laboratory. 


In some areas, coal is being used to produce the energy but the formation is highly dependent on the dead decay of the plants. It takes a long time for the formation and the rate at which it is being consumed is less. 

How can we have better use of sustainable energy?

Getting solar plant setup at houses 

The heat that is been fallen on the solar cells is directly converted into energy. There are regions where the heat is in good amount. These places can directly be converted into stations to provide electricity to a larger group of colonies.

Getting solar vehicles

Fossil fuels are really causing a lot of harm to nature by creating a lot of pollution. To avoid this we can use solar vehicles that can easily get charged automatically once exposed to the sun.

Using compressed natural gas 

Not every place has the same amount of sunlight so compressed natural gas can be the best thing for those places. It is even cheaper than fossil fuels and contributes to saving the environment from getting harmed. 


These types of gases are been produced naturally and have no harm to the environment. It is basically the usage of animals dunk and then stored at a place to produce energy. 


In this time when every source of energy is on the verge of getting depleted, it is really necessary to opt for the right choices that could be helpful for us and our future generation. We have mentioned some sources of sustainable and non-sustainable resources. I hope this article will help you get the right knowledge and your usage will be changed according to the benefit of the environment.

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