Identifying The Right TEM Provider For Your Organization

Telecom Expense Management, or TEM, is a crucial component of most business operations today, especially for companies that are highly reliant on effective communication in a myriad of environments both inside and outside the workplace.

Whether we’re dependent upon email, chat, office phone, website portals, fax, or mobile communications, having a competent and efficient TEM provider to keep all of these assets organized for us as an organization can only help us move more efficiently and execute our daily operations with the utmost success.

TEM providers and telecom management groups are everywhere. They range in size from small and nimble to robust and experienced. Before you choose a TEM provider, make sure you’ve considered the following factors first.


All things telecom should be properly managed through a competent TEM provider. This provider should continuously work to identify new services, communicate with equipment vendors, negotiate plans and rates, and present contracts. You should never have to worry about doing that yourself with a good TEM provider.

Identifying The Right TEM Provider For Your Organization

The right TEM provider will discuss your wants and needs with you so that they can identify the best vendors and contracts to deliver the appropriate goods and services to you. They will serve as your company’s representative to procure the best contracts on your behalf.


Managing telecom assets can quickly eat up valuable time and resources, especially on your IT department. Instead of wasting valuable and expensive IT professional resources, a competent TEM provider will take all of the management off your plate. This includes invoicing, inventory, new equipment issue, plan assessment, and more. Your TEM provider should also be expert auditors, assessing your current services and managing future trends and expectations at the same time.


Your TEM provider must be able to communicate expertly with other departments within your organization to achieve seamless integration. You should never have to burden yourself with getting the finance or logistics departments involved with the TEM of your company. Your TEM provider should already reach out to who they need to within the company.


You need to pick a TEM provider that’s made up of experts in their industry so they can give you the best TEM advice possible, based on years of experience and a deep base of knowledge. Your TEM provider acts as your advocate in the procurement and management of telecom audits, goods and services. They will be able to assess your current setup, detect inefficiencies, and provide recommendations for improving your TEM landscape. Only the most knowledgeable providers are going to get you the best negotiated prices.

The good news is that today’s market is full of high-quality TEM providers that have an expanse of know-how and experience. By taking the time to research and interview potential TEM providers properly, you’ll quickly gain an understanding of what separates a good TEM provider from an average one. While pricing is competitive, don’t settle for the TEM provider that will guarantee the best rate. If you pay a little more for a TEM provider that provides excellent service, your savings will be tenfold in the long run.

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Mark D. Hearn leads the vision and direction of Network Control. He has been an active steward in the telecommunications management marketplace since 1987 and is recognized as a pioneer in the TEM industry, having started one of the first software-based TEM companies.

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