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HP vs Lenovo Laptop: Which One is Right for Students?

In the computing space, HP and Lenovo are two of the biggest brands. Both companies manufacture a wide range of laptops. And it may become tough to make a choice when it comes to buying one for students and others.

Talking about the competition between these two brands, HP has managed to retain the top position in 2017, but it was short-lived. Lenovo was quick to steal the thunder from HP in 2018.

HP, or Hewlett-Packard, is an American company that was founded in California in 1939. Lenovo, on the other hand, is a mega Chinese company that is growing since 1984.

HP vs Lenovo Laptop: Which One is Right for Students?

Here is a post that you can go through to know which company is the best bet when it comes to buying an HP laptop and a Lenovo for students and more.

# HP laptops


HP comes with a wide range of diverse notebook commuters with multiple components. The company packs a punch as it offers mid to low-budget HP laptops. You get what you pay for – the higher is the price, better is the laptop features and processors.

Be it a student, entrepreneur, digital nerd and others; HP has a notebook for all in multiple price ranges.

Diverse product lines

HP has all aspects covered when it comes to assembling a notebook that may suit the needs of a user altogether. You can choose from a wide range of 2-in1 laptops, lightweight Chromebook and even gaming laptops.

You may select one suiting your needs that also lets you access well-executed designs.


HP has a laptop for all budgets, and it counts even a student. A basic laptop within Rs.19,000 in India is what may suit the needs of a student. But, if you want to own an HP laptop with high-end specs and features, you will need to pay more.

Customer support

HP tends to lack in the customer support department. Their phone support is not useful with long queues to speak to their agents. But, they offer great support via their web and social media agents.

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Majority of HP laptops come with a one-year warranty covering basic support level. It also depends on the model that you wish to buy.

# Lenovo laptops


Lenovo manufactures its laptops with a fantastic base of components. A majority of business laptops come with powerful processors. It makes work a fun activity as you don’t face a downtime issue. Most of the Lenovo laptops come with HD screen for great clarity.

Product lines

When it comes to making verities available, you will not face issues with Lenovo laptops. They have a different range of notebooks right from business laptops, 2-in-1, gaming laptops and even Chromebooks.

You can easily browse their product lines and select one as per your needs and budget.


If you are a student who may be looking for a laptop on a budget, the Lenovo is a great option. You may own a basic laptop with enough features to help a student at around Rs.18,000 in India. Hp has no shortage of models if you are also looking to invest in a high-end machine and a gaming notebook.

Customer support

Lenovo provides unmatched support in case if you have a query. It is dead easy for you to access Lenovo’s customer support in a number of ways. They let you access phone support and even online support in chats and forums, along with FAQs section on their website.

Lenovo laptops come bundled with a 12-month warranty period and maybe longer as per a model that you choose.

The verdict

Both HP laptops and Lenovo laptops have all the aspects that a student may look. Lenovo has a distinctive edge on HP as it offers a basic laptop at a lower price than the latter and even ranks higher in customer support.

You can either buy an HP laptop or a Lenovo laptop in India without hurting the monthly outlays only on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. You can pay only fixed EMIs after dividing the notebook cost over a suitable tenor.

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