How to use jokerṣ as a wild card in games? Learn the card game rules here

Are you interested in joker cards? What about the term wild cards? Does this term make you curious? Well, this term is quite interesting. If you are curious to know about it, then that information is going to be covered in this article.

Many card games are played without a joker. Well, it is the choice of the players whether they want to use a joker in their game or not. The joker card doesn’t belong to any suit such as spades, clubs, diamonds or hearts. The value of a joker can be extremely powerful or weak, depending upon the context of the game.

The joker is used in many games such as rummy, poker, crazy, eights and war, which can be played on the gaming platforms such as Getmega, rummy online, gamezop etc. Now let’s know what wild joker and rummy joker rules are.

Wild Joker is that variant of a joker, which is chosen randomly from the deck. Initially, when you start the game, the players have to deal with 13 cards and the dealer of the game will choose the card randomly from the shuffled deck of cards. The card which will be chosen by the dealer is known as a wild card. Let’s take an example that 8 spades are chosen by dealers, then all 8 of all suits will be used as substitutes to make an impure sequence or to use as a substitute. There are two types of joker cards, one is the original joker, which has a printed picture of the joker and another is wild card joker, which can be considered to any card from any suit of cards.

Rummy Joker Rules that everyone needs to follow

  • Rule 1

At the beginning of the game, the player has to randomly choose the card from the shuffled deck, which will be known as a wild joker. All the cards of all suits will become a wild joker. 

  • Rule 2

There might be a possibility that the chosen card can be printed as a joker. In this situation, all the aces of all suits will be considered as the wild joker in that particular game.

  • Rule 3

In some circumstances, wild joker and original joker can’t be used at the same time in an impure sequence of a rummy game. Let’s take an example. Suppose if you are having an original joker and 2 diamond cards, then it will be considered as a wild joker and if you want to make an impure sequence, then you have to meld both the jokers. The sequence can be 2 of Hearts, 3 of hearts, 4 of hearts and original joker, then 2 of diamonds. By this method, 2 of diamonds in this way can make the sequence impure. 

  • Rule 4

In this rummy joker rule, the original or printed joker and wild joker card can be useful in a rummy game. You just need to know how you can use them to meld the card to form an impure sequence. The wild joker card can be chosen at the beginning of the game and then it will become a wild joker.

  • Rule 6

In this rummy joker rule, any card of any suit is used. When a particular card is chosen, then all the cards of all the suits of that number will be considered as the wild joker card. Suppose if you have chosen the 8 of diamonds as the wild joker, then 5 of hearts, 5 of Clubs and 5 of spades will also be considered as the wild joker.

  • Rule 7

The wild joker card will be used as a substitute or as an optional card to make an impure sequence in the rummy game. According to rummy joker rules, if you want to call, then you must have one pure sequence and one impure sequence. Only then can you make a call.


The rummy card game can become tricky but you can make it easy by using the strategies. If you use a joker, then there will be nothing tricky you have done. If you want to use some skills, you have to play this to polish your skills. But you can use a joker card to make the rummy sets and rummy sequences. You can use rummy Joker rules to make your game interesting as well as exciting. The joker card as the wild card can make the game tricky.

If you want to play the game online, then you can choose the Getmega gaming platform. It offers a variety of card games such as rummy and poker. Any other variant of rummy and poker are also available on this amazing platform. Other than that, you can also earn money and other exciting rewards. The joker card is rarely used so you can learn all the tricks by playing online, then you can also play tournaments to earn cash rewards. Thus, we have mentioned all the rules that you can use while playing. All the best.

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